Law Enforcement Throws Two Texas Women in Jail for the “Grievous” Crime of Offering Home Beauty and Salon Services

The Daily Mail reported that two women in Texas were placed under arrest by undercover police for simply providing beauty services at home, which was a violation of lockdown measures.

Ana Isabel Castro-Garcia and Brenda Stephanie Mata were alleged to have been running treatments despite the strict shelter orders in effect.

Local law enforcement said they conducted investigations after receiving anonymous tips from the Laredo Police Department app.

They claim that the women used social media to target customers.

Castro-Garcia was arrested in in an apartment block after she met with an undercover officer disguised as a customer looking for a nail service.

Police claim she “admitted to running a nail salon inside her residence and promoting the business on social media, going against the mayoral decree currently in place.”

Mata was arrested in a street block after reportedly agreeing to provide an eyelash service at her home for an undercover cop.

“Both of the violators independently solicited customers via social media. On both cases, an undercover officer working on the COVID-19 task force enforcement detail made contact with each solicitor to set up an appointment for a cosmetic, beauty service that is prohibited under the emergency ordinance,” the police declared in a statement.

Both women were taken to Webb County Jail and each has been charged with violating an emergency management plan, a Class B misdemeanor that comes with a punishment of up to 180 days in jail, a $2,000 fine or both, according to a Laredo Times report.

‘We remind the community that there is an emergency management plan in place in order to control the spread of the novel COVID-19 virus. Laredo police officers continue to address violations of the order with enforcement,” the department stated.

1.3 million people have filed for unemployment claims in Texas since the middle of March thanks to the Wuhan virus shutdowns that Texas and numerous other state governments have implemented.

Governor Greg Abbott unveiled a limited re-opening plan, but it still leaves a lot to be desired.

The arrest of these two women shows why he must take decisive action on the matter.

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