Lawsuit Says St. Lawrence University Allowed ANTIFA Terrorist to Commit Extortion on Campus

A former employee with the New York Daily News has filed a lawsuit alleging that St. Lawrence University allowed one of their ANTIFA-affiliated staff members to extort his firing from the newspaper.

In the lawsuit, defendants are listed as Christian M. Exoo, the New York Daily News, St. Lawrence University, Tribune Publishing Company, Twitter executive Vijaya Gadde, Twitter Inc., and Cohen, Weiss and Simon LLP. The lawsuit was filed Monday in U.S. District Court in New Jersey by Daniel D’Ambly.

D’Ambly claims in the lawsuit that he was doxxed by Exoo, a notorious ANTIFA terrorist who leads targeted harassment campaigns against his opponents on social media. D’Ambly lays out how Exoo’s operation works in coordinated fashion to threaten employers in order to facilitate a target’s “exit from society.”

D’Ambly was targeted by Exoo for his participation in the New Jersey European Heritage Association, which Exoo claims without evidence is a white supremacist organization. Because of D’Ambly’s political opinions, he was ultimately fired from his job. This is how Big Brother operates to crush dissent in the age of leftist-driven globalism.

The lawsuit also alleges that St. Lawrence University is well-aware of Exoo’s activities and allows him to use their computer systems to commit his digital terror campaigns against free speech. This is not an unfamiliar story, as college campuses are well-known to be hotbeds for marxists, communists, pedophiles, and other leftist dregs of society.

“St. Lawrence consents to Exoo’s use of St. Lawrence property to direct the enterprise, and participates in the Exoo Enterprise, because they believe the patterns of racketeering activities help St. Lawrence’s (sic) achieve their global mission,” the suit reads.

Big League Politics has reported previously on the reprehensible behavior of Exoo, who goes by the handle “AntiFash Gordon,” on Twitter, and whose terrorist scheming is protected by the monolithic Big Tech platform:

The infamous ANTIFA terror leader, who hid anonymously behind the handle AntiFash Gordon (AFG) as he conspired to destroy people’s lives, has finally had his identity revealed after years of doxxing patriotic activists.

According to The Post Millennial, AFG’s real identity is 38-year-old Christian Michael Exoo, a Canton, NY resident who works at at St. Lawrence University as a library supervisor. He has doxxed countless conservative individuals, giving the identities of patriots to a left-wing mob empowered to destroy their lives with targeted hate campaigns.

Exoo is reportedly a product of the university system that harbors the radical Left. His father, mother and brother are employed as professors at St. Lawrence University. He has taught students how to doxx individuals on social media at the university as well.

Exoo uses his information science background to teach about “open-source intelligence research.” In 2017, he led a seminar at a conference on the campus hosted by Weave News. One slide from his presentation read: “In this exercise, we are going to find the Facebook profile of our subject, and find all of the posts he’s ‘liked.’”

Jesse Morton, a counter-extremism expert who was formerly a radical Islamist, has explained that the doxxing efforts of Exoo usually backfire, and results in the targets becoming more radicalized in their behavior after the mob comes to destroy them.

“There are certain cases where it has silenced ideologues clearly calling to violent extremism, but the effects are often counterproductive,” Morton said. “It only cements the views of those doxxed, can trigger violence and further entrenches extremists in the view that they’re under attack.”

“[AFG’s] efforts only fuel the far-right’s propaganda,” he added. “They provide evidence for the victimization narrative that drives recruitment and thereby make it incredibly easy to replace any member doxxed into leaving with several more recruits.”

Previously, Exoo had been accused of predatory and racist behavior by one of his fellow comrades:

Civil lawsuits will not be enough to bring ANTIFA down. The feds need to declare them a terrorist organization and send cell leaders to Guantanamo before they destroy the fabric of the nation.

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