Lawsuit Time? Rolling Stone, Washington Post, BI, And Other “News” Outlets Slander American Populist Event

Pictured here is Vince Dao, who is a Chairman & Co-founder of American Populist Union. Dao has been falsely labeled as a white supremacist by lying media outlets on numerous occasions.

Will there ever be a day when bad actors of the media don’t incessantly lie to the American people? Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, Business Insider, and other “news” media outlets have recently drawn attention for their reporting on an upcoming Arizona social event by the American Populist Union, often abbreviated as APU.

“Why Is Rep. Paul Gosar Listed as a ‘Special Guest’ at White Nationalist Event on Hitler’s Birthday?” whined the pernicious liars of  Rolling Stone.

“Prescott Republican Congressman Paul Gosar was listed as a ‘special guest’ with the white nationalist American Populist Union at an event that will be on a date popular among white nationalists and Neo-Nazis: Hitler’s birthday,” lamented one of Arizona Mirror’s top-tier “journalists.”

Our friends at The Washington Post joined in the fun too, desperately trying as hard as they could to falsely link APU with *gasps* “WHITE SUPREMACY!!”

There are just a couple of problems…

  1. All the aforementioned outlets are lying.
  2. They-unsurprisingly-have offered zero proof for any of their erroneous claims.

American Populist Union responded to the slanderous media attacks on their organization, which seemingly have led Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar to suddenly back out after previously promising to attend, through an official statement on their Twitter account.

“The media is merely grasping at straws and trying to draw associations where they don’t exist for a simple reason — they have nothing of substance to say about us,” read the statement.

“But why do they call us ridiculous names, lie, and slander us? They do so because they know our movement is effective and it is working. Conservatives across America — particularly young ones — are flocking to the national populist movement in droves. Real, grassroots conservatives overwhelmingly support the original movement of Donald Trump over the lies that neoconservatives have sold them for decades. They see our group as a vanguard of authentic conservatism,” the announcement continued.

“If we are being slandered by the same outlets that slander Trump and his supporters, then we are doing something right. If the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post opposes us, then we must be on the right side of history,” APU proudly concluded.

The American people have seen such hoaxes before.

One does not have to go far back in time to remember the Covington Hoax, a time when CNN and other bad actors of the media ruthlessly slandered then 17-year-old Nicholas Sandmann as a racist after he and fellow classmates protested against abortion in Washington, D.C. There was no evidence he ever made any derogatory remarks — in fact, many of the accusations were entirely CNN’s own invention, but no matter. Our buddies at the Washington Post played their part in that story too, eventually settling a $250 million lawsuit with the teenager as a consequence of their intentional misrepresentation of his story.

Plus, who could forget that time when White House occupant-in-chief “Sleepy Joe” suggested that Kenosha-teen Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist?

It’s safe to say this type of slander is quite tragically largely precedented, especially by the American left.

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