Lawyers Blast UC Berkeley Over ‘Dead Week’ Rescheduling of Ann Coulter’s Speech

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A law firm representing Berkeley College Republicans and the Young America’s Foundation is blasting University of California over their rescheduling of Ann Coulter’s appearance on campus to a “dead week,” when students are not in class and preparing for their final exams.

Originally, Coulter was scheduled to speak on April 27, which administrators had announced was cancelled on Wednesday, citing “security concerns.”

Following backlash, and Coulter refusing to back down, the administration decided that the speech can go on — but moved the date to May 2, when students will be in the midst of finals and less likely to be able to attend, THR reports.

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Harmeet Dhillon of Dhillon Law Group does not believe that their offer of a new date passes “the proverbial ‘smell test’ of credibility,” however, and has fired off a strongly worded letter to Berkeley interim vice chancellor of student affairs Stephen Sutton. In it, the lawyer asserts that the “insincere offer to permit Ms. Coulter to speak during a two-hour window of time on May 2 when the students who invited her will not be in class and will instead by studying for finals, and when Ms. Coulter will no longer be in the area, is not a suitable alternative.”

The letter then flat out rejects the university’s rescheduling option.

“In each of the three recent conservative speech censorship instances, UC Berkeley impermissibly has allowed a “heckler’s veto” to suppress the free speech rights of speakers properly invited by recognized student groups, and in each case, did so after first attempting to bully the students out of pursuing their quest to hear these alternative voices by piling on requirement after unconstitutional requirement – ‘security fees,’ inconvenient hours, inconvenient locations, attendance restrictions, and more,” Dhillon stated.

Dhillon went on to point out the irony in the fact that UC Berkeley was the birthplace of the 1964 free speech movement — when students rallied to overturn a ban on political activities at the university — but is now “leading the vanguard to silence conservative speech on campus.”

Earlier this month, the university also cancelled a speaking event by conservative writer David Horowitz.

“It’s absolutely deliberate,” Horowitz told Newsmax in an interview. “What they’ve done is they’ve taken the security issue, which is a responsibility of their police department, and thrown it on to the College Republicans.”

Meanwhile, the university recently hosted former Mexican President Vicente Fox, who spent much of his speech bashing our president.

Last weekend saw another violent clash between far left militant groups and free speech activists in the city, as anarchists attacked the “Patriot’s Day” rally organized by supporters of President Donald Trump.

The rally was a follow up to the “March 4 Trump” last month, which also endured violent from anarchists, leaving multiple Trump supporters injured.

In February, a speaking event by controversial right wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos on the Berkeley campus was cancelled after violent rioters began throwing firebombs, assaulting attendees, and vandalizing the area.

The student groups are promising to sue the university in federal court for violating their constitutional rights.


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  1. Cut all Federal funding for universitys that restrict free speach.. Don’t obey the constitution, do not pass go do not collect your Fed. funding!

  2. It’s amazing that we have the right of “free speech” given to us in the Constitution but free speech is only available to liberals. The Constitution gives us certain rights. Free speech being one of them. The right to bear arms is another. The right to bear arms amendment specifically states that this right “shall not be infringed”. Liberals will counter that the second amendment only applies to a militia. They say that our militia is Tha National Guard. But let’s use some brain cells here. When we fought the Revolutionary War we used the Continental troops of the colonies and the militia. The militia consisted of everyday people that fought alongside the Continental Army using their own guns and other weapons. Therfore the militia reverted to in the second amendment is everyday people. I have people tell me all the time that the government isn’t going to take your guns. Liberals can interpret the Constitution anyway they want. Don’t believe me? Show me where in the Constitution that it gives you the right to have an abortion. Judges SHOULD NOT be legislating law from the bench. Congress makes laws. The Supreme Count decides whether it’s constitutional. The President is the head of the executive branch and is supposed to make sure the laws are obeyed. It’s really simple.