Leading Arizona Democrat Governor Candidate Nailed in $2.75 Million Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

The leading Democrat candidate for Governor of Arizona was found liable for the second time in a federal lawsuit for racial pay discrimination, with a black staffer accusing Secretary of State Katie Hobbs of paying her less than peers on the basis of her race. A federal jury awarded Taloyna Adams $2.75 million in her suit against Hobbs, accusing the progressive Democrat of firing her after questioning why she was paid less than other staffers.

Hobbs has denied any responsibility or liability in the lawsuit, maintaining that she made the decision to fire Adams on the basis of her performance as opposed to racial or ethnic bias. Progressives such as Robin DiAngelo have increasingly argued that such claims on the part of anyone accusing of discrimination are false, with racism always to blame in any issue of racial controversy.

With the verdicts finding her culpable for race and sex discrimination and retaliatory termination, for her to say these other things is dishonest,” said Adams of Hobbs’ denials. Hobbs fired Adams when she was the Senate Minority Leader in the Arizona Senate.

Recent polls show Hobbs leading the Democratic primary for Arizona governor by a handy margin, raking in 42% of support. It’s unclear if Democrat voters are aware of the discrimination judgements against Hobbs- slated to cost the taxpayer millions- or if they simply don’t care.

Hobbs also likened supporters of President Donald Trump to “neo-nazis.”

Television presenter Kari Lake leads the Republican primary for governor over former Congressman Matt Salmon, with President Trump endorsing the former. Midterm elections in Arizona, perhaps the most contentious and close swing state in the country, present an opportunity for Republicans to maintain their control of the governor’s office and legislation after establishment political pundits predicted the state would inevitably become a Democrat stronghold.

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