LEAK: Documents Show Democratic Socialist Julia Salazar’s Luxurious Upbringing

Julia Salazar claims to be the immigrant daughter of a single mother who struggled to make ends meet, but Big League Politics sources reveal she grew up in luxurious waterfront homes in a wealthy part of Florida.

Julia Salazaar is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America who has been heralded as “The Next Ocasio-Cortez.” She won her primary for the New York State Senate on September 11.

Salazar maintains that she grew up in poverty as a Jewish immigrant from a working class, single parent family, with her own campaign website noting that she entered the workforce when she was only 14.

Other publications have already questioned her Jewish heritage and status as an immigrant, but for the first time Big League Politics has leaked documents and new information from a classmate and family friend of the Salazar family that shows the level of wealth the Democratic Socialist grew up accustomed to.

Documents provided to Big League Politics reveal Salazar’s attendance at the prestigious Jupiter Academy in Florida, which can easily cost $10,000 per year for children to attend.

Her mother was featured on a document listing the “Hearts-A-Fire Volunteers,” a program where the parents of students would volunteer their time and money during and after school hours. Interestingly, Salazar’s mother was listed as a volunteer for one of the school’s dinners and silent auctions.

While ostensibly the only income earner for her family, Ms. Salazar was also listed as the school’s “Room Co-Mother” for the 1998-1999 school year.

Our source reveals that prior to her parents’ divorce, Salazar and her family lived in a $1.3 million waterfront property in Tequesta, Florida. Salazar’s claim is that, especially after her parents’ divorce, she and her family grew up in poverty with her single mother.

This claim of single motherhood and poverty is directly refuted by the documents provided to Big League Politics. The luxurious townhome listed as her mother’s address is a waterfront three bedroom, two bath, 2,057 square foot townhome valued at over $1 million located in Jupiter, Florida.

The average home in Jupiter, Florida is valued around $300,000, indicating that the Salazar family is wealthy even for this already well off part of the country.

Salazar’s campaign videos feature the candidate walking down poverty stricken streets of New York, discussing the challenges faced by millions of residents daily.

Salazar is currently running unopposed for the New York State Senate.


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