LEAKED MEMO: Philadelphia Unleashes Looters, Police Will Not Make Arrests For Property Theft, Drug Crimes During State of Emergency

The Philadelphia Police Department will not be making arrests for several forms of petty theft and drug crimes, according to a new internal memorandum leaked to local media.

Documents detailing the city’s policies for its state of emergency revealed the questionable law enforcement move.

The policy instead will require police to temporarily detain offenders suspected of the crimes and verify their identity. Their information will be provided to a police detective, and ostensibly the case will be investigated when the coronavirus panic is over.

In the meantime, it largely appears that criminals will be provided with essentially free reign to commit theft, property offenses, burglary, vandalism, grand theft auto, and prostitution without fear of quick arrest.

Such a policy could actually prove to be a looter’s best dream, as if enough citizens take advantage of the opportunities for arrest-free property crimes it’ll be all but impossible for the Philadelphia police department to follow up in weeks or possibly months and book them on account of crimes committed during the coronavirus epidemic.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner had called for a major reduction of arrests for what he described as petty crimes on Monday, stating that such legal proceedings would accelerate the spread of the coronavirus.

Officers will be granted the discretion to make traditional arrests if they determine that someone poses a “threat” to public safety.

Homicide and violent crime rates in the city of Philadelphia are already said to have been rising independently of the ongoing crisis.


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