Left Coast Paradise: Man Claims Ownership of Alley, Defends From Police With 25′ Pipe

Pipe Wielding Man Seattle

A Seattle man was arrested this week when police say he claimed ownership of an alley in downtown Seattle and defended his territory from passersby and police using a 25′ drainage pipe.

According to local media, the altercation took place around 6:30 p.m. on April 23 near 2nd Avenue and Yesler Way in Seattle, Washington.

A man was recycling boxes in the alley when the alleged pipe attacker ran at him with the improvised weapon, telling him that he owned the alley and the man recycling boxes needed to leave.

Police arrived at the scene shortly after, and began a standoff with the man, who again asserted his ownership of the alley and told the police to “leave (his) alley)” while brandishing his 25′ drainage pipe.

The standoff lasted for “approximately two hours” before police were able to coax the man to drop his 25′ drainage pipe and enter their custody. KIRO7 reports he was booked into King County Jail.

The West Coast and Seattle have been hit with a plague of homelessness, violence, and waste in recent years, as detailed in a stunning documentary titled “Seattle is Dying”, which details the city and state policies that led to Seattle becoming a haven for drug addled homeless people.

In nearby San Francisco, California, the city is grappling with a disgusting new problem that seems as though it belongs in Medieval Europe: human waste is piling up on the streets. A new map produced by the city reveals the extent of the problem, showing certain areas of the city to be completely covered in the brown stuff.

Last year, Big League Politics reported that a 20-pound bag of human feces was found on a public sidewalk in San Francisco.

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