Left-Wing ADL Lists “Anti-Antifa Images” as “General Hate Symbol”

If there was ever any doubt that the left-wing Anti-Defamation League is no more than a propaganda outlet of the progressive left, the handsomely-funded “anti-hate” group is now defending the infamous leftist terrorist group Antifa.

The ADL has categorized “anti-Antifa” images as “general hate symbols” on their website. An entry on the hate group’s website claims that white supremacists have adopted “hateful rhetoric” towards the left.

Some of the most dangerous and violent leftists in America and across the world utilize Antifa tactics and imagery in order to mask their crimes in an aura of moral righteousness, claiming to be “fighting fascism” when destroying the private property of small businesses and harassing innocent citizens through de facto “checkpoints.”

Certainly there’s cause for American citizens of all persuasions to disdain and perhaps even hate Antifa’s organizing principles. Opposition to political thuggery isn’t “white supremacy,” it’s loyalty to America’s tradition of free speech and open debate without the fear of violent tyranny.

As the well-funded (to the tune of $65 million annually) ADL slanders opposition to Antifa as supposedly hateful or “racist,” it’s increasingly difficult for the organization itself to deny that the ADL is exactly what it claims to oppose- a hate group, designed to propagandize and libel against freedom-loving American patriots.

The ADL also designated the “OK” hand symbol as a “hate symbol” Thursday, implicating several prominent Democrats such as Beto O’Rourke as white supremacists for their use of the formerly innocent gesture.

Most Americans are well aware of the group’s toxic reputation and decline to take it seriously. But utterly delusional fear-mongering continues to serve the ADL- a profitable business in all but name- well.

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