Left Wing ‘Journalist’ From Los Angeles Filed Lawsuit Against Brian Kemp for ‘Voter Suppression’

A left-wing journalist has jumped into the ring to fight for Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams against Republican Brian Kemp.

“In October, a California-based left-wing journalist named Greg Palast filed suit challenged the removal of voters from Georgia’s registration list,” said an ABC11 report.

Palast, a freelancer from Los Angeles, is a frequent contributor at left-wing outlets like BBC, The Guardian and Rolling Stone. Once again, news and left-wing activism seemed to be hand-in-hand.

Palast claims that Kemp attempted to purge about 340,000 voters from the rolls in Georgia.

“Well, you see, he wouldn’t answer my questions, so he’s going to have to answer them in a federal court. This is a follow-up to my Rolling Stone 2016 investigation,” Palast told Democracy Now. “We are suing him—and I say ‘we,’ including civil rights organizations—to find out why he’s removed 340,134 Georgians on supposed evidence that they’ve left the state or left their county.”

This more is hard proof that mainstream press, which claims to be unbiased and objective, is actively fighting against Republicans.

Palast has also accused Brian Kemp of racism, which he did on his Twitter account as late as Monday. Sure sounds like the deranged argumentation of a Democrat activist to me.

“You could say the real winner of the election in appears to be —or, should I say, ’s close friend, database expert Dr. James Crow,” he said.


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