Leftist Candidate in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District is Outraising Populist Candidate Lauren Boebert

As of June 30, 2020, Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush raised $325,000 for the quarter. Mitsch Bush is a former state representative and county commissioner.

Bush’s funding represents more than triple the amount of funding that populist candidate Lauren Boebert received —$88,000— in her bid for office in the open 3rd Congressional District seat in Colorado. Boebert is a restaurant owner who pulled off a surprise upset against congressman Scott Tipton in the GOP primary.

However, Boebert’s campaign spokeswoman was not fazed by the disparity in fundraising. She pointed out that Boebert was significantly outspent by Tipton and still ended up defeating the five-term incumbent.

“Lauren campaigned on doing more with less, and her historic win demonstrates she did just that,” Laura Carno said to Colorado Politics in a statement. “She looks forward to the general election campaign where she will share her message of freedom and prosperity with the voters of the 3rd CD.”

Boebert only spent $142,000 through the June 30 primary. This stood in contrast to the nearly $590,000 that Tipton spent. Tipton reported that his campaign had $725,000 left in the bank at the end of the quarter.

“Our winning campaign is powered by everyday people — nurses, teachers, and veterans — and not a dime of Corporate PAC money,” declared Mitsch Bush. “In Congress, I’ll be accountable to the people, and I’ll take on the special interests in Washington to lower drug costs and expand access to healthcare for rural Coloradans.”

Mitsch Bush lost to Tipton by 8 percentage points in the 2018 election cycle. She has raised north of $1.1 million for her 2020 bid. Boebert announced her candidacy in December and has raised $151,000 so far.

President Donald Trump won the 3rd Congressional district by 12 points in 2016. The last time Democrats held this seat was from 2004 until 2010, under Ken Salazar.

Boebert has positioned herself as the pro-gun candidate and is one of the strongest nationalist populist candidates running in this cycle. America First patriots can donate to her campaign here.

Boebert will need all the help she can get.

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