Leftist Congresswoman Accuses Trump of Ethnic Cleansing

A leftist Congresswoman joined MSNBC Thursday night to accuse President Donald J. Trump of ethnic cleansing – seriously.

“His ultimate goal is, as you said, to make America pure in the sense of not having immigrants, not having folks of color here, shutting down every form of legal immigration, all to throw a bone to those people,” said Rep.¬†Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) on “All In With Chris Hayes.”

There were no brakes on the insane train, as Hayes made no attempt to interject or slow the congresswoman down. Aside from the obvious lie, this represents a new level of vile anti-Trump rhetoric from the left.

MSNBC flashed a graphic during the segment that claimed “it was never about a wall,” with which Jayapal vocally agreed, despite the fact that it has – quite literally – always been about a wall. The only party that has ever interjected race into this equation is Democratic Party, which thrives off of race-pimping and racial warfare.

Hundreds¬†of studies, by the way, (here’s one) have shown that illegal immigration disproportionately affects blacks and Hispanics, a fact which Trump noted during his border wall address on Tuesday night. In fact, building a wall demonstrably help “folks of color,” as Jayapal calls them. The only group that would significantly negatively impacted would be big business owners, who would have to stop employing illegals at half the rate they would employ Americans, forcing them to give those low-skilled jobs to low-skilled American employees.

But the liberal elite like Jayapal and Hayes refuse to acknowledge these basic facts, instead choosing to brand Republicans as “racists,” or in this case claim that they are advocating for genocide.

All the Democrats have to do is not be insane, and they cannot even manage that.


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