Leftist Media Endorses Political Violence Against Right-Wing Leaders

As the political left gets more violent across the world, the liberal media is happy to fan the flames and incentivize radicals to terrorize their opposition in an attempt to stop the rise of right-wing populism.

The New Republic, one of the oldest standing leftist rags in America, published the article, “Why Milkshaking Works” to formally endorse the trend of British left-wing activists tossing their treats in the faces of right-wing leaders such as Nigel Farage of the Brexit Party and Sargon of Akkad and Tommy Robinson of UKIP:

Throwing a milkshake at someone is rude at worst. It may also qualify as assault in some jurisdictions, especially in the United States. British political and media figures condemned the incidents. Prime Minister Theresa May’s office said that politicians “should be able to go about their work and campaign without harassment, intimidation and abuse.” Tim Farron, the leader of the pro-Europe Liberal Democrats, said, “I’m not laughing along with the attack on Farage. Violence and intimidation are wrong no matter who they’re aimed at. On top of that, it just makes the man a martyr, it’s playing into his hands.”

What these critiques misunderstand is why milkshaking is so potent against Farage and his brethren: It humiliates them. Nothing animates the far right or shapes its worldview quite so much as the desire to humiliate others—and the fear of being humiliated themselves. It’s why alt-right trolls, projecting their own sexual insecurities, enjoy calling their opponents “cucks.” It’s why they rally around blustery authoritarian figures like Donald Trump who cast themselves as beyond embarrassment, shame, or ridicule. They brandish humiliation like a weapon while craving release from it.

Getting doused in a milkshake robs far-right figures of the air of chauvinistic invulnerability that they spend so much time cultivating. They hunger to be taken seriously despite their racist views. They want to be described as dapper, to be interviewed on evening news broadcasts and weekend talk-show panels, and to be seen as a legitimate participant in the democratic process. Most politicians to the left of Enoch Powell would brush off milkshaking as a harmless stunt. For those seeking mainstream legitimacy, it’s another searing reminder that they don’t belong.

Footage of these leftist assaults, cheered on by popular leftist media figures, can be viewed here:

The violence has already escalated, as a foul-mouthed man was recently arrested for allegedly throwing a brick at Robinson:


Despite the coordinated violence, Farage’s upstart Brexit Party is undaunted. Their momentum continues to increase, and they are poised have massive gains in tomorrow’s elections. Polls show Farage’s new political entity becoming Britain’s biggest national party in the European Parliament.

YouGov released a survey today showing that 37 percent of British voters plan to vote for the Brexit Party tomorrow. That more than doubles the nearest competition, which is the Lib Dems getting 19 percent.

The establishment parties, Labour and Conservative, have been decimated by Farage’s new polity. Labour stands to only receive 13 percent of the vote while the Tories are getting a mere 7 percent support, as populism begins to take hold over British politics.

Liberals throwing milkshakes in a temper tantrum of sorts cannot stop the rising star of Farage, whose Brexit Party is poised to make a splash tomorrow regardless of any violent, childish behavior that persists with the encouragement of the media.

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