Leftist Minimum Wage Hikes Destroy the Way of Life for Workers

A new survey found that restaurants have responded to government-mandated minimum wage hikes by cutting employee hours and hiking prices.

“Harri, a workplace management software company that works with restaurants, surveyed 173 restaurants between Feb. 28 and March 15 about the impact of raising the minimum wage,” according to CNBC. “The respondents represent more than 4,000 restaurant locations ranging from fine dining to fast food.”

“For restaurants, minimum wage hikes usually mean higher menu prices and fewer employee hours, according to a survey released Wednesday,” the report said.

The Democrats teamed up with fast food workers in the “Fight For $15” campaign heading into the 2016 elections, adding the minimum wage hike to their national platform.

Terrence Wise, a fast food employee and member of the National Organizing Committee of the Fight for $15 said:

“The Democratic Party’s move shows a growing understanding that $15 an hour is what American workers everywhere need to survive and support their families. When fast-food workers first went on strike three years ago in New York City, most people gave them no shot to win. But the movement caught on in every corner of the country and big wage increases are now spreading from coast to coast. By joining together, speaking out and going on strike, we’re changing the politics of the country. And we’re going to keep on fighting until every underpaid worker in this country wins $15 and a union.”

Unfortunately for the “underpaid workers,” the cost of living is increasing, and jobs are decreasing.

“Some operators responded to the minimum wage increases by cutting costs, with 64% saying they reduced employee hours, and 43 percent saying they eliminated jobs,” the report said.

Six states have approved mandatory $15 minimum wage laws.

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