Leftist Sends Letter Wishing Agonizing Death on Corey Stewart

A U.S. Senate candidate from Virginia received a threatening letter from a leftist Thursday which he posted to his Twitter account.

“Received this lovely postcard today from a member of the tolerant and peace-loving left. Isn’t she sweet?” he said.


The letter begins with a newspaper cutout of a quote from Stewart.

“We have allowed the left to push us around, stamp on our freedoms and values, and we have got to stand up to it,” it said. “Every morning I wake up, [and] I promise myself I am going to say at least one politically incorrect thing every day and offend at least one liberal and I think we should all do that.”

The text from the sender reads:

“Ignorant cretin Corey Stewart:

Your freedoms? (Racism, bigotry). Your values (f****** anything in a skirt). You are the spawn of satan and a syphilitic whore! May you contract some slow, wasting disease, spend decades in agony, + finally join your ‘daddy’ in hell for eternity.”

How pleasant.



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