Leftist Social Media Platform Tribel SUSPENDS LibsOfTikTok 20 Minutes After Posting ‘Men Cannot Get Pregnant’

Tribel is a new leftist social media platform that prides itself on and promises to promote a place of inclusion, tolerance, and free speech.

Its mechanics and purpose are similar to Donald Trump’s Truth Social. Except its follow through on its core competencies don’t hold up. 

In other words: the platform is riddled with left-wing hysteria and progressive talking points like trans rights, white supremacy, and so on and so forth.

For example, Tribel says they do not censor speech, all while admitting they use an algorithm that is made to filter out fake news and hate.

The infamous LibsofTikTok went to Tribel to test out this so-called fake news and hate filtering algorithm herself. And made an account and posted “men cannot get pregnant.”

20 minutes later, LibsofTikTok was suspended.

“Users are already asking to report me and I was misgendered within 10 minutes of being on the site,” LibsofTikTok shared on Twitter

Following that tweet, LibsofTikTok reported “it appears @tribelsocial suspended my account. I can no longer access it. I’ve tried multiple times to log in. My account lasted less than 20 minutes. I’m being silenced.”

Tribal would then “celebrate” the LibsofTikTok suspension, writing on Twitter: “That was quick. Your transphobic posts were quickly suppressed by our system — and then we at @TribelSocial network gave you a swift boot. Take your bigotry back to Trump’s Truth Social or @kanyewest’s Parler.”

Yes, that was quick. What an absolute joke of a platform.

“BREAKING: New Twitter/Facebook competitor @TribelSocial network quickly bans infamous far-right social media hate group @libsoftiktok after they join and fire off a series of bigoted posts against the LGBTQ+ community,” wrote the heavily left-wing Occupy Democrats account on Twitter.

Notice all the name-calling and misinformation. There was only one post by LibsofTikTok on the platform.

Other people on the internet took this story as an opportunity to highlight Tribel’s terrible cyber security issues and data harvesting. Warning users to not even sign up for an account on the social media platform. 

Travis Akers has a great thread on these threats below:

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