Leftists Advocate for Federal Invasion of Texas

As the war in Afghanistan comes to a close, warmongering leftists have a new target, Texas.

In a recent appearance on MSNBC, far-left editor-at-large of The Nation, Elie Mystal, showed his side’s true colors as seemingly advocated for a full federal invasion of the Great State of Texas. In his interview as a guest, Mystal begs President Biden and Democrats use government power to send trucks full of abortionists to the Lone Star State guised as Federal Law Enforcement Officers by “federalizing the doctor force”. What does that mean exactly?

“You Deputize Doctors! You federalize doctors. You create, through an executive order, an ARMY of federal doctors, who are going to go into Texas…” Elie screamed at the news panel. “It’s time to play hardball, alright? It’s not go high time, this is go time!”

A clip from Mystal’s MSNBC interview can be found below:

According to Mystal, the recent Texas abortion ban, which is currently being challenged by the Satanic Temple, has a clause in it.

In a separate interview with CNN, Mystal explains his belief and lack of logic as to why Joe Biden should conscript this doctor invasion force. According to him, the Texas law uses a bounty system, in which private citizens take suit against each other in order to prevent abortions from happening after the 6 week mark. Mystal believes that if Democrats in Washington DC simply federalize a force of abortionists, they’ll receive qualified immunity under the law, operating as federal employees. However, Mystal very obviously throws around the term ‘deputize’ in his rampage, clearly hinting that these doctors would be considered federal law enforcement officers, setting a terrifying precedent for not only Texas, but the nation as a whole.

Mystal further elaborates his authoritarian strategy in a manifesto-style opinion piece:

Consider the doctrine of qualified immunity. Qualified immunity protects government employees from private lawsuits arising out of the performance of their jobs. Conservatives love to defend qualified immunity when a cop shoots a black person to death or a CIA agent tortures a suspected terrorist. So here’s an idea: If abortion providers were made federal officials—call them “privacy protectors”—who were deemed to be operating under the authority of the government, they would be protected from the private civil actions Texas now authorizes.

To do this, Biden would need to set up, through executive order, some kind of “President’s Commission on Privacy,” either through the Department of Health and Human Services or the Department of Justice. This commission could then hire the aforementioned “privacy protectors,” who would be empowered to go across the country, counseling women on their constitutional rights and providing other services attendant to those rights.

Elie Mystal, The Nation

A clip of Mystal’s CNN appearance can be located below:

While this may seem whacky, and many conservatives and moderates alike will find Mystal’s argument humorous, many leftists seem to agree with Mystal.

Today, The Daily Beast aired an episode of their podcast ‘The New Abnormal’ titled: Why Biden Should Send ‘Abortion Trucks’ to Texas. So while Elie Mystal’s odd hair style and physiognomy may not set a trend anytime soon, his aggressive authoritarian Marxist rhetoric definitely will. It is currently unknown if President Biden will follow through with Mystal, however, the President stated last week that he no longer believes as a Catholic that life begins at conception and that he publicly disagrees with the Church’s stance on abortion. Only time will tell how Democrats will react. Stay frosty, Texas.

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