Leftists In The Press Are Concocting Lies Of States Prosecuting Miscarriages

Women hold signs during a protest against recently passed abortion ban bills at the Georgia State Capitol building, on May 21, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images)

Will the Fake News Media ever be honest with the American people? Actors of the press and left-wing alike have worked to continue a media frenzy over ‘abortion rights’ ever since the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Much of this excitement began after a 10-year-old girl crossed state lines from Ohio into Indiana for an abortion after she was tragically raped and consequently impregnated by an illegal alien. This girl became a moral cudgel for the left, with numerous pro-abortion advocates arguing that the recent ruling prevented her from  receiving medical treatment in Ohio. The state’s Attorney General Dave Yost pointed out that this is an abject lie, telling reporters that the  young girl “did not have to leave Ohio to find treatment.” Media outlets like Newsmax have tried to counter this obvious truth with deceitful “fact checks” that do nothing to disprove Yost’s claims.

The tragic story of this poor girl was not the only method used by leftists for political gain. Another common strategy by the media is to simply lie or use deceitful talking points during their shows.

Take Jon Karl for example, who on ‘This Week’ hysterically inquired, “Will there be prosecutions of women who cross state lines to get abortion, or even investigations of miscarriages?”

NBC’s Chuck Todd fretted on a June 26 episode of Meet the Press, asking Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, “What about for miscarriages?…The treatment for miscarriages looks very similar to the treatment of abortion. Is there going to be a department in Arkansas that— that inspects all miscarriages or investigates miscarriages?

“No. Absolutely not,” answered Hutchinson. “When you’re talking about miscarriages, the exception is, of course, is the life of the mother, or there’s a medical/health emergency, and that’s between the physician —  they’re going to make those judgments in how to handle those things.” As for the overturning of Roe, he explained: “This is simply about abortion.”

But wait — there’s more! Democrat Congresswoman Jackie Speier appeared on GMA earlier this month only to lie about recent anti-abortion policy.

So, every woman who has a miscarriage today is going to be weighed as to whether or not that physician is going to, to take the action necessary because of fear of criminalization. Every time there’s an ectopic pregnancy, a similar question is going to be raised and the life of the mother is at risk in many of these situations.

CBS’s Gayle King reported on the Biden administration coming to save women from a completely fictional boogeyman:

Now yesterday, the Department of Health and Human Services told hospitals they must provide such services for emergency conditions like ectopic pregnancies and complications of pregnancy losses even in states where abortion is banned with no exceptions.

Such hysteria is just that — hysteria. As the leftist New York Times has admitted, “The 13 current state-level abortion bans make exemptions for medical emergencies.”

So much for this fictitious idea that red states are barring women from getting crucial medical treatment!

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