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Legal Immigration Group: We Will Guard Southern Border Ourselves



A legal immigration activist and his organization are launching an operation to repel illegal immigrants at the Southern border.

“I’m currently looking for Americans who are willing to stand on the border with me at their own risk and form a physical human wall,” said William Gheen, founder of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.

Operation American Shield, organized by ALIPAC has already received commitments from 50 United States citizens to guard the border. The operation is in its initial stages, and there will be a period of recruitment before plans are made to travel to the border in a couple of weeks.

Gheen wants to see how the Trump administration responds, and says that if the president does not do the right thing in closing the border to illegals, that ALIPAC will set a timer and pick a date to meet and begin guarding it themselves.

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“We’re looking to go to the border to try to do something until Constitutional governance can be restored in the United States, until the citizens of the United States and our elections and laws become relevant again,” he said. “That’s what we’re really fighting for here.”

Gheen, who describes himself as a former President Trump supporter, is fed up that the current administration has kept the “catch and release” policy of previous administrations in place.

“I believe as American citizens that we have the right to defend ourselves and our states and our country and our border,” he said. “We can’t defend ourselves in our homes or communities if the border is wide open.”

ALIPAC has the largest archive in the U.S. of crimes committed by illegal immigrants, and Gheen noted that the vast swath of crimes by illegals go unreported in the news. As we reported, the man in charge of immigration statistics and data for the Department of Homeland Security is an Obama holdover who worked with Ted Kennedy in favor of amnesty.

High profile cases like Kate Steinle’s murder garner a great deal of attention while most illegal immigrant crime is simply ignored.

Gheen is frustrated that America’s immigration laws are being circumvented to serve the agendas of high profile politicians and those who bankroll them.

“For 14 years now I’ve been asking people to vote, and pay very close attention to the issue, and to lobby congress,” he said. “All that stuff has been done. And we’ve won all of those battles. We have stopped legislative amnesty seven times, and congress over the last 30 years has passed all of these laws that mean nothing that are being sabotaged by D.C. swamp powers not enumerated by the Constitution.”

“Illegals are only entering because they believe the way is wide open. If they believe that anyone is going to prevent them, then it stops,” Gheen said.

“This is a protest. But it’s the type of protest where we’re going to with the intention of physically stopping somebody or something from crossing the border,” he continued.

“We could be shot, stabbed, beaten, or killed. We hope that our numbers will keep us safe.”

Peter D'Abrosca is an investigative journalist from the state of Rhode Island. He is the Senior Reporter at Big League Politics. News tips: [email protected] Encrypted: [email protected] Follow him on Twitter by clicking the icon below.


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VIDEO: Las Vegas Police Were Ordered To Turn Body Cameras Off During Shooting



The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers who responded to the Mandalay Bay shooting were ordered to turn their body cameras off before engaging with the shooting.

Video evidence released by the Department under court order by the Supreme Court shows the officers turning off their body cameras while superior officers gave them the order, adding more mystery to the still unexplained shooting that left 58 people dead.

Here is some of the video footage:

The order was enforced under the Nevada Public Records Act, in a case filed against the LVMPD by multiple news and media outlets, insisting the public has a right to receive this information in its entirety. The judges assigned to the caseagreed, and insisted that the LVMPD stop stalling with the release of information that was originally to be made accessible to the public within 6 months of the ruling in February of 2018.

It is now mid-June, and there have only been six releases from the LVMPD since their appeal was overruled in late April. The first consisting of two body camera videos, followed with five additional releases that include witness statements, dispatch logs, CCTV footage, and most recently, 28 body camera files. One of which is a duplicate from the May 2, 2018 body cam of Officer Newton. We are fast approaching this six-month deadline, and according to Sheriff Joe Lombardo and the LVMPD FIT investigation report made public in January 2018, there are at least 38 additional body cameras, over 21,500 hours of video, 251,099 images, and 529 sightings of Paddock that were analyzed and should be included in the release.

While taking into consideration the recent footage of the body cameras, it does appear that there should be additional hours of video included within these 28 counts. Almost all the cameras were not turned off by the officer, nor did it appear they had any malfunction, but merely ended for no apparent reason. The length of footage per video ranges from approximately 15 seconds to slight over two hours, even though most, if not all, officers who responded that night worked well into the next morning, possibly longer for some. This would indicate that we have many more hours to see, just from these 28 body cameras alone.

In observing media coverage on the release of information over the last few weeks, it appears that the dedication to provide full disclosure on videos, audio 911 calls, and news reports is slowing down, with some news outlets stating they will be “heavily editing” the release of information due to its sensitive nature. The in-depth analysis coverage of statements is found few and far between, some sites pulling down videos released early on.

The public has long awaited the compliance of the court order from the LVMPD in releasing all information related to this investigation, and when they exhausted their efforts in filibustering, the public counted on news and media outlets to provide the information fought for, that will ultimately cost taxpayers to supply. However, in just a few short weeks, those same outlets have dropped their in-depth coverage. Even going so far as to apply an additional layer of edits, thereby preventing the public their right to the information based on the same ruling the media involved won their case on. And that case was filed with the sole purpose of public right.

In addition to this limit of information some media outlets are now playing a role in, there is grave concern on the dedication of Sheriff Lombardo and the dedication to the department’s ICARE value system and transparency model. In the most recently released Annual Report, the ICARE (Integrity, Courage, Accountability, Respect (for people), Excellence) is embraced as the core value system for the department. The Mission Statement is solely dedicated to strengthening relationships and improving the quality of life while serving its citizens. The goals are to Lead, Value, Maximize, Protect, and Develop (LVMPD), with trust, transparency and communication as a focal point.

In this 2016 Annual Report, Sheriff Joe Lombardo provides a personal message, promoting a command center addition, increase in hired staff, and a recent study from the Department of Justice reviewing the Collaborative Reform Model from 2012, where the DOJ had intervened due to an unusually high amount of reports involving use of force within the department.

Lombardo also made a point of noting a significant increase in the number of officers equipped with body-worn cameras, stating, “We outfitted 1,517 additional officers with body-worn cameras in 2016, compared to 178 the year before”. There is also an additional section of the report dedicated to body-worn cameras, claiming the LVMPD has become a “model agency nationwide for both innovations and accountability to the community it serves. As such, LVMPD is committed to the principles of constitutional policing, transparency, and the legitimacy for the citizens of Las Vegas”.

These policies and principles as outlined in the report would be a platform any police department across the nation should be adopting as common practice. However, recently released footage from the Las Vegas Shooting on October 1brings glaring evidence to light, where these values and goals of transparency may not be worth the paper they are written on.

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Ted Cruz Beats Jimmy Kimmel in Charity Basketball Game



Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) beat late night television host Jimmy Kimmel 11-9 in a charity one-on-one basketball  game that came down to the wire.

“Can you be embarrassed by a picture of someone else’s dad? Because I am,” Kimmel said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” after Cruz was spotted a Houston Rockets basketball game last month wearing a t-shirt over a polo shirt. “When Ted arrived at the Toyota Center, some of the fans mistakenly thought it was Grandpa Munster Bobblehead Night. I mean, look at him. He looks, and I’m not joking here, he looks like a blobfish.”

Cruz responded by challenging Kimmel to a basketball game.

All right, Big Guy…you talk a good game. You besmirched my support for the Houston Rockets,” Cruz said on Twitter. “So let’s settle this man-to-man: one-on-one, hoops (or ‘ring-ball,’ if you prefer). The loser gives $5k to the (non-political) charity of the winner’s choice.”

The two played at Texas Southern University.

“The crowd is fired up,” Cruz tweeted before the game began, attaching a video of the arena.

The game was initially supposed to be played to 15, but the pair shortened it to 11 because it was taking so long.

Partick Svitek of the Texas Tribune covered the big game live:

“You’re a good sport,” a bitter Kimmel said after a crushing defeat. “I still think you’re a terrible senator.”


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Ivy League Racism: Harvard Rates Asian Applicants Lower in ‘Likability,’ Other Traits



Court documents unsealed Friday show that Harvard College consistently ranks Asian applicants lower on several personality traits than it does students of different ethnicities in its admissions process.

“Harvard’s admissions officials assign Asian Americans the lowest score of any racial group on the personal rating—a subjective assessment of such traits as whether the student has a ‘positive personality’ and ‘others like to be around him or her,’ has ‘character traits’ such as ‘likability … helpfulness, courage, [and] kindness,’ is an ‘attractive person to be with,’ is ‘widely respected,’ is a ‘good person,’ and has good ‘human qualities,’ say the court documents.

The Ivy League giant has been sued by Students for Fair Admissions, an activist group that is fighting the negative externalities of Affirmative Action, which is supposed to protect minorities against discrimination.

“It turns out that the suspicions of Asian-American alumni, students and applicants were right all along,” Student’s for Fair Admissions attorneys said in the court documents. “Harvard today engages in the same kind of discrimination and stereotyping that it used to justify quotas on Jewish applicants in the 1920s and 1930s.”

It has long been known that Affirmative Action policies negatively affect certain racial sub-groups, particular East Asians. A 2005 Princeton University study shows that Asian American students, on average, must score 270 points higher than Latino students, and 450 points higher than black students on the 1600 point SAT in order to be admitted to the same universities.

If Harvard were to admit students strictly based on merit and without consciousness, it would have a much higher percentage of Asian students.

But Students for Fair Admissions argues in its lawsuit that Harvard is actively taking measures to ensure against that. The group argues that Harvard has implemented a “soft-quota” of “racial-balancing” aimed at Asian students, which amounts to institutional discrimination in violation of civil rights law.

“Thorough and comprehensive analysis of the data and evidence makes clear that Harvard College does not discriminate against applicants from any group, including Asian-Americans, whose rate of admission has grown 29 percent over the last decade,” Harvard said in a statement.

Harvard failed to address the fact that the Asian applicant pool has grown more than 40 percent during roughly the same time period while other racial applicant groups has stayed approximately the same.

The school has previously defended itself by claiming that standardized test scores are not the only factor taken into consideration when admitting a student. That defense is meaningless in light of the fact Asians are scoring demonstrably lower on subjective personality assessments conducted by Harvard admissions employees.

The irony is palpable. Ivy League schools are the hotbed for social justice babble against perceived racism. But the racism that is right under their nose – blatant discrimination against a certain group of applicants solely on the basis of the immutable characteristic of race – not only goes unnoticed, but it rather defended.

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