Legal Immigration Group: We Will Guard Southern Border Ourselves

A legal immigration activist and his organization are launching an operation to repel illegal immigrants at the Southern border.

“I’m currently looking for Americans who are willing to stand on the border with me at their own risk and form a physical human wall,” said William Gheen, founder of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.

Operation American Shield, organized by ALIPAC has already received commitments from 50 United States citizens to guard the border. The operation is in its initial stages, and there will be a period of recruitment before plans are made to travel to the border in a couple of weeks.

Gheen wants to see how the Trump administration responds, and says that if the president does not do the right thing in closing the border to illegals, that ALIPAC will set a timer and pick a date to meet and begin guarding it themselves.

“We’re looking to go to the border to try to do something until Constitutional governance can be restored in the United States, until the citizens of the United States and our elections and laws become relevant again,” he said. “That’s what we’re really fighting for here.”

Gheen, who describes himself as a former President Trump supporter, is fed up that the current administration has kept the “catch and release” policy of previous administrations in place.

“I believe as American citizens that we have the right to defend ourselves and our states and our country and our border,” he said. “We can’t defend ourselves in our homes or communities if the border is wide open.”

ALIPAC has the largest archive in the U.S. of crimes committed by illegal immigrants, and Gheen noted that the vast swath of crimes by illegals go unreported in the news. As we reported, the man in charge of immigration statistics and data for the Department of Homeland Security is an Obama holdover who worked with Ted Kennedy in favor of amnesty.

High profile cases like Kate Steinle’s murder garner a great deal of attention while most illegal immigrant crime is simply ignored.

Gheen is frustrated that America’s immigration laws are being circumvented to serve the agendas of high profile politicians and those who bankroll them.

“For 14 years now I’ve been asking people to vote, and pay very close attention to the issue, and to lobby congress,” he said. “All that stuff has been done. And we’ve won all of those battles. We have stopped legislative amnesty seven times, and congress over the last 30 years has passed all of these laws that mean nothing that are being sabotaged by D.C. swamp powers not enumerated by the Constitution.”

“Illegals are only entering because they believe the way is wide open. If they believe that anyone is going to prevent them, then it stops,” Gheen said.

“This is a protest. But it’s the type of protest where we’re going to with the intention of physically stopping somebody or something from crossing the border,” he continued.

“We could be shot, stabbed, beaten, or killed. We hope that our numbers will keep us safe.”

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