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LET FREEDOM RING: Secession Fever Sweeps Across America as Biden Regime Loses Legitimacy

Free Americans want a national divorce.



With President-imposed Joe Biden seizing control of the White House after a widespread cover-up of electoral fraud allegations, states are getting serious about the idea of secession as a way to insulate themselves from left-wing corruption.

Patriotic activists in Weld County, Colo. are organizing to be reincorporated as part of Wyoming. Colorado is a state that has turned blue in recent years due to an influx of California liberals who have brought their far-left politics with them. They hope to make secession from blue states into a new national movement.

“Denver and Boulder have declared war not only on Weld County, but common sense itself with regulations designed to kill energy jobs,” the Weld County, Wyoming political committee said in an announcement. They hope to get the measure on the ballot for the Nov. 2021 election.

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“Putting radical animal rights activists in positions of power over the ranching industry, two of Weld’s key economic drivers. They are also at war with small businesses. People who hold traditional values are vilified as racist homophobic (misogynist) bigots,” they added.

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This follows efforts from rural Oregonians to secede from their state and join a new entity known as “Greater Idaho”:

Big League Politics reported earlier this week about states such as Texas and Wyoming considering secession to form their own independent countries:

Texas state representative Kyle Biedermann (R-Fredericksburg) has introduced legislation that would put the question of secession to the people.

The legislation, House Bill 1359, would put a nonbinding referendum to Texas voters with the following question: “Should the legislature of the State of Texas submit a plan for leaving the United States of America and establishing an independent republic?”

To bolster his idea for secession, Biedermann is claiming that there are “indications that the Republic of Texas would not just survive, but thrive as an independent nation.”

“Voters of all political persuasions in Texas can agree on one thing, Washington D.C. is and has been broken,” Biedermann said in a press release. 

“Our federal government continuously fails our working families, seniors, taxpayers, veterans and small business owners. For decades, the promises of America and our individual liberties have been eroding,” he continued.

“It is now time that the people of Texas are allowed the right to decide their own future. This is not a left or right political issue. Let Texans Vote!” Biedermann exclaimed…

Biedermann’s efforts are beginning to spread to other states whose leaders are beginning to doubt the legitimacy of the federal government. Wyoming Republican Party chairman Frank Eathorne has spoken in positive terms of Biedermann’s nascent secession movement in Texas.

“We need to focus on the fundamentals. We are straight talking, focused on the global scene, but we’re also focused at home. Many of these Western states have the ability to be self-reliant, and we’re keeping eyes on Texas too, and their consideration of possible secession. They have a different state constitution than we do as far as wording, but it’s something we’re all paying attention to,” Eathorne said.

Americans deserve a divorce with the federal government before their entire nation and civilization fall apart. Secession may be the answer to save what is left of freedom in America.


Michigan Republicans Demand Inquiry Into Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s Murderous COVID-19 Nursing Home Policies

She is as guilty as Cuomo.



Republican lawmakers in the state of Michigan are pushing back against Governor Gretchen Whitmer for her genocidal COVID-19 policies that have resulted in the needless deaths of countless elderly individuals.

State senator Jim Runestad is leading the charge to hold Whitmer accountable in a similar manner that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is now being held accountable for implementing similarly murderous policies in his state.

“Gov. Whitmer’s regional hub policy placed patients with and without COVID-19 in the same facilities and may have exacerbated the death toll in those facilities,” said Runestad in a press release.

“Questions remain regarding the accuracy of data, compliance with CDC guidelines and compliance with our state’s Freedom of Information Act. There is a critical need for a full investigation into these matters,” he added.

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Runestad believes a federal investigation is needed into Whitmer’s actions because of how her COVID-19 approach has lacked transparency.

“Michiganders understand there are many, many similarities between Gov. Whitmer’s handling of the virus and Gov. Cuomo’s: their unilateral overreach (both struck down by the courts), their allusion to vague metrics and data, their questionable vaccine distribution plans, and their outright defiance to losing their emergency powers. The alarming similarities with New York raise serious questions about what really happened in Michigan,” Runestad said.

Runestad and other Michigan Republican lawmakers have sent letters to Attorney General Dana Nessel and the Department of Justice demanding accountability, but Democrats are not likely to police their own behavior.

Big League Politics has reported on how Whitmer doubled down on her policies to murder elderly nursing home patients by housing COVID-19 sufferers next to them:

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer vetoed a bipartisan bill on Friday that would have protected the elderly and vulnerable by banning COVID-19 patients from being quarantined in nursing homes.

“Protecting the health and safety of nursing home residents and their staff continues to be a top priority for my administration,” Governor Whitmer said while announcing her veto.

“Senate Bill 956 is nothing more than a political game that would relocate vulnerable seniors without any requirement for consent, doctor’s approval, or notification to patients and their families. It’s time for the Republican legislature to get serious about protecting our most vulnerable and addressing the public health and economic crisis faced by our state. We look forward to continuing our work with stakeholders and legislators on the task force to develop real solutions that make sense for Michigan seniors and their families,” she added.

Senate Republicans are firing back at Whitmer for her cruel and callous decision to veto the common sense legislation.

“In a mean-spirited move, Gov. Whitmer announced she vetoed a plan that would have prevented COVID-19 patients from entering our nursing homes,” they wrote.

While Michigan Republicans may be putting an effort toward pushing back against Whitmer, she is not likely to be held accountable until she is up for re-election in 2022.

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