Let’s Just Say It: Liberals Hate Christmas

Feminist have reached to new lengths in promoting women empowerment by trying to remove a popular 1950’s Christmas classic.

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” a duet made famous by Dean Martin has recently caused controversy in the #MeToo community. Champions have an issue that the song promotes date rape and persuades and manipulates women to stay after they say “no”.

Some radio stations have pulled the song after the outrage by the overly-sensitive #MeToo champions. A main issue with the song is the line, “say what’s in this drink? (No cabs to be had out there)” which insinuates he’s getting her drunk so she won’t leave. Give me a break.

The song began disappearing from radio stations after Glenn Anderson, host of a popular station in Cleveland stated that the song feels “manipulative and wrong”, according to NME. Many stations followed for the fear of being labeled as okay with female manipulation.

Dean Martin’s daughter took to Fox & Friends where she described the whole situation as “just insane”. “You know, it’s a sweet, flirty, fun holiday song that’s been around for 40 years…”, according to her interview.

RIP to the days where flirting was allowed and encouraged. Thanks to the #MeToo movement, we can kiss those days goodbye. Attempt to shoot your shot with a liberal female and you might just find yourself on the opposite end of a sexual assault case.

Fortunately, the controversy has spiked record high streaming and purchases of the song. Billboard reports that Dean Martin, Idina Menzel, and Michael Buble’s versions have all earned a top spot on the Holiday Digital Song Sales.

In a time where the snowflakes apparently dictates what is allowed on radio and TV, no song or show is safe. Another Christmas classic, Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer was deemed “seriously problematic” by HuffPost because it promotes bullying, verbal abuse, bigotry, and racism. Poor Rudolph can’t catch a break.

What will be the next target of the delicate left? Charlie Brown?

In case your local radio station is overly sensitive and has banned the classic, listen here:

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