Liberal interventionists Flip Out After Leftist Academic Cornel West Blames NATO for Ukraine Crisis

On July 13, 2023, leftist academic Cornel West made an appearance on CNN that shook up geopolitical discourse in America. During an interview with CNN host Kaitlin Collins, West blamed NATO for provoking the crisis in Ukraine.

West recently announced his bid to seek the nomination for the Green Party. Naturally, he was asked about his foreign policy views. 

“If Russia had missiles in Mexico and Canada, the United States government would probably blow them to smithereens because that’s how empires behave. We had the same challenge in Cuba in 1962. So what we end up with is a criminal invasion,” West declared in the interview. 

West subsequently took some of his liberal and leftist counterparts to task: 

And I know that some of my left-wing comrades, ‘Oh it’s an invasion,’ but a criminal invasion provoked by the expansion of NATO, which is an instrument of U.S. global power.

Collins then asked the academic what practical moves he would make to end the Russo-Ukrainian crisis. West responded with the following: 

Oh, what I would do, I would bring in the Chinese, the Turks, the African rulers. I would sit down with the Ukrainian leaders and say, we must stop this war, stop these war crimes, cluster bombs on a variety of different parties and make sure that we begin a diplomatic process for a just peace.

“And that just peace is going to have some serious concessions across the board. Russian troops have to leave. There’s going to be debates over the territory. There going to be some kind of concessions over the territory, but stop the killing. Why?”Because the Ukrainian brothers and sisters are precious and they are bearing so much of the suffering with this proxy war between the American empire and the Russian Federation,” West added. 

“So there’s responsibility and blame across the board. But the American empire does bear a significant responsibility here, even though it is not the sole or exclusive responsibility. And it’s in no way a pro-Putin [talking point,” he stressed. 

In response to West’s sensible remarks about the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, Mediate published a hit piece titled “Cornel West Roasted For Claiming U.S. ‘Provoked’ Russian Invasion of Ukraine:No Different Than Trump, RFK Jr, Tucker Carlson.” 

West is on the mark here. NATO expansion since the end of the Cold War has provoked the current security crisis taking place in Ukraine. For Russia, keeping Ukraine out of the Collective West’s orbit is an existential matter. Sadly, such geopolitical nuances do not register with many members of the US’s intelligentsia. The harsh reality is that the American Left has been fully co-opted by the pro-war uniparty.  They offer no meaningful opposition to the war machine. At this point, it’s up to the America First Right to offer a non-interventionist, realist alternative to the neoconservative/neoliberal interventionist crowd that dominates DC politics.

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