Liberal Media Complains about Politically Incorrect Comedy, Says Its Proof of ‘Alt Right’ Influence

The liberal media is complaining about the existence of politically incorrect comedy and claiming it is proof of the influence of the nebulous and extreme “alt right.”

A liberal observer made the claim in the uber-leftist rag, The New Republic.

“I’ve spent the last five years writing about the comedy industry, the last three or so covering inequality and extremism within it. This work has periodically brought me in contact with some of the leading lights in the scene’s transgressive edge—the place where popular, mainstream comedy bleeds into the kind of right-wing politics that animated the Capitol riot last month,” wrote liberal author Seth Simons.

Simons is crying that the politically correct gestapo has not sufficiently sanitized humor to wipe away any jokes that may offend a designated victim group. He blames edgy comedy on the mostly-peaceful protest in and around the Capitol on Jan. 6. 

“The mobs that descended on Washington, D.C., last month have intellectual roots in many places, going back to the bloody beginnings of this country. But they also have roots in specific areas of modern culture, including Facebook, BuzzFeed, and the increasingly online world of comedy. All the forces that incubated the rioters are still there, unchanged, chugging along as normal. The rot goes much deeper than you might expect,” he wrote,

Simons argues that comedy must be banned on the internet or other violent riots will happen, as leftism evolves into a civilizational death cult. He has received a great deal of antipathy for his crusade against free speech and internet humor.

“Over a period of weeks, the user, SpaceEdge, doxxed my entire family; harassed me, my parents, and my brother by text and phone; doxxed and harassed several of my Twitter followers; and doxxed a man they believed to be my landlord,” Simons wrote of the backlash he received during his campaign against free speech.

He lamented that the far-right has a great deal of authentic grassroots support, and that his leftist cult has failed at indoctrinating the masses.

“It’s easy to lose sight of a simple truth: Things are the way they are because people made them so. The far right did not come into being by chance. People shaped it. They went where they thought they could win people over, and they won people over. They offered permission to revel in racism and sexism, in homophobia and transphobia, and they earned devoted followings in return. They couldn’t do this alone, though. They had to be let in,” Simons wrote.

“Donald Trump is out of office. Gavin McInnes officially left the Proud Boys years ago. ToxicCisWhiteMaleFat deleted his username a few weeks ago (his posts remain, albeit attributed to “Guest”), announcing his new alias, “Don Sterling,” in the private channel. The far right has splintered into factions with varying ideologies and goals, each preparing for a new era of post-Trump violence. The people who gave this movement a constituency in comedy—who masked it in the language of free speech, who hid it behind the shield of more respectable artists—are all still in charge of their little fiefdoms. They’re not going anywhere anytime soon,” he concluded.

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