Liberal Media FREAKS OUT Over News of ‘America First Caucus’ Forming Among House Republicans

Left-wing news reporters are freaking out over news of the formation of an America First Caucus in Congress, led by Reps. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), that will maintain Trump’s momentum in the GOP and carry it forward in the legislature.

Punchbowl News is particularly troubled by the revelations:

“We’ve been covering Congress for a long time, and this is some of the most nakedly nativist rhetoric we’ve ever seen,” Punchbowl News said of the America First Caucus.

They pointed to talking points from the Caucus that they are highlighting in order to paint the patriotic endeavor as some kind of nefarious operation.

“America is a nation with a border, and a culture, strengthened by a common respect for uniquely Anglo-Saxon political traditions,” one quote states.

“The America First Caucus will work towards an infrastructure that reflects the architectural, engineering and aesthetic value that befits the progeny of European architecture, whereby public infrastructure must be utilitarian as well as stunningly, classically beautiful, befitting a world power and a source of freedom,” the infrastructure plank of the caucus states.

“Our education has worked to actively undermine pride in America’s great history and is actively hostile to the civic and cultural assimilation necessary for a strong nation,” their platform continues.

Big League Politics has reported on the rise of the America First sentiment within the GOP, which is gaining momentum rapidly with Trump leaving office and the majority of Republicans rolling over for electoral fraud:

The second annual America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC) took place Friday night in Orlando, Florida, the same city where CPAC has been holding its own conference.

The speakers at AFPAC included political commentator Vincent James, reporter Jon Miller, bestselling author and columnist Michelle Malkin, former congressman Steve King, sitting congressman Rep. Paul Gosar, and political commentator and activist Nick Fuentes.

AFPAC is a conference specifically for the dissident wing of conservative politics known as the America First movement. The movement held its first political action conference last year in Washington DC as an invitation only event, but this year’s event opened to the public and sold tickets on a first-come, first-served basis…

In his speech Rep. Paul Gosar mentioned how President Trump signed into law seven of his bills, making him one of the most effective members of Congress, and he credits his success to putting his constituents and his country first. He also stated that the US’ generous immigration system and accommodation of Big Tech have been abused and are no longer working in the interests of the American people. He believes the Republican Party can run and win on an America First agenda—and that it desperately needs to.

“The choice is clear: America First or American decline,” Gosar said.

The liberals are scared, and perhaps they should be. The new vanguard on the right-wing is not likely to roll over to leftist dominance like previous generations have done. The days of Republicans being the Washington Generals to the Democrats’ Harlem Globetrotters are over.

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