Liberals Flock to Twitter to Defend Waukesha Attack as Updates Continue to Come In

With updates still rolling in on the recent Waukesha SUV attack, left-wing Twitter is already mockingly justifying and almost celebrating the tragic event. Big League Politics reported earlier tonight that a red SUV plowed through a city Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Sunday evening. Many people were injured, including children. Exact numbers are still questionable at this time and continue to change.

So far, police have found the suspect vehicle and have reported that they have one person of interest in custody. The original dispatch and eye witness reports say that the driver of the vehicle was a black male. Gunshots were reported, and originally it was believed that the suspect was shooting from the SUV. However, now reports are claiming that the police have confirmed their officers fired the shots at the vehicle. Police have confirmed that “some” people were in fact killed but were unable to give a specific number at the time. As more details continue to come in, leftists have taken to Twitter to mock those who died and exploit it as an attempt to celebrate what should be seen as a tragedy for all Americans.

German-American journalist on Twitter ‘Chris Wiggins’ mocked the attack and was quickly hit with a ratio by conservatives and anyone with an actual sense of humanity. In his Tweet, user CWNewser sarcastically justifies the potential terror attack to make a point about the Rittenhouse case, saying that the driver was only acting in self defense against the children that he mercilessly mowed down.

After receiving hefty backlash for his Tweet, he seemingly got entertainment out of the backlash, claiming that right wingers were ‘triggered’ over his justifications.

Many more leftists have continued to mock the attack in a sick and twisted way to try and ‘own’ conservatives about self-defense laws in Wisconsin in response to Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal in court on Friday. Any normal person would be and should be disgusted by this behavior and it is clear that in the eyes of the radical left, the lives of every day people (especially Christian children) do not matter in their unquenched lust for power.


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