Liberals FREAK OUT Over Sean Spicer’s Continued Success on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Former President Donald Trump press secretary Sean Spicer is competing on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, and continues to remain on the show due to his popularity with Trump fans who are proud to support a rare conservative represented in popular culture.

Liberals are not happy about these developments, and they are freaking out about it on social media:

The liberal media is also chagrined about Spicer’s success on the show, which is coming despite low scores from the judges because of the power of the Trump faithful. Newsweek was forced to begrudgingly admit Spicer’s widespread popularity with the fans:

Spicer has been fairly popular with the Dancing audience, usually pulling audience plaudits for his performances, even when they haven’t been popular with the judges. They have booed Goodman’s repeated criticisms of his poor footwork and lack of rhythm. But Dancing’s core audience has kept Spicer in the competition week after week and day after day.

The anti-Trump liberals hate Spicer’s appearance on Dancing with the Stars so much that they orchestrated a hate campaign against Karamo Brown, an openly homosexual TV host, for appearing with Spicer on the show and saying kind words about him. They even targeted Brown’s sons with death threats because of his cordial behavior toward Spicer.

“We were in Philadelphia at the time and one of my sons was with me as we were shooting season five,” he said during an appearance on the NAKED With Catt Sadler podcast. “He was running home because somebody was in a car chasing after him in the car screaming at him, ‘F you and your dad! You’re going to die!’ My son at that point had no idea what was going on because he wasn’t keeping up; the last thing he wants to do is read about me.”

“So, he was confused as to why someone was chasing him in their car, and screaming things at him,” he continued, adding that “it was like a seven-minute run” for his son. “That’s what I don’t like. That’s the part that really makes me emotional and gets me upset. Where I have to squeeze my hands, because the Daddy protective in me is just like, ‘Don’t do that.'”

Brown was forced to delete his Twitter account due to the non-stop venom from leftist jackals who made him the focus of their digital witch hunt.

“The hate started coming at me. And normally I can handle the hate, because I’m OK with having constructive conversations, but what I realized is that places like Twitter, you can’t have constructive conversations,” Brown explained. “It’s the mob mentality. And so once the mob feels like they have their target, they’re going to get you.”

“And then it was really the first tweet I saw where they @ my child as well, I was like, done! And I got off of it,” he added. “Most parents don’t know how to have conversations with their kids about social media … they don’t really know how to teach them about the mob mentality or ‘cancel’ culture or how it can really affect your self-esteem. There’s so many things, so I really had to go back and do another re-learning with my kids of like, ‘This is how we’re going to handle this.’ No geo-tagging or any of those things, because people will find you.”

Spicer’s success on the show is a slap in the face of every member of the liberal mob. His most recent Halloween-themed dance to Bobby Pickett’s iconic “Monster Mash” can be seen here:

The next episode of Dancing with the Stars will air on the ABC Network on Monday, Nov. 4 at 8pm. You can vote for Spicer to remain on the show at this link.

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