Liberals Trash Melania Trump For Visiting Home for Abused Children


As the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished, and that is especially true when it comes to the Trump family.

On Friday morning, First Lady Melania Trump visited a group home called HomeSafe, in Lake Worth, Florida, bringing beautiful Easter baskets to a group of teenage girls who were victims of domestic and child abuse.

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The First Lady visited the girls, ages 12 through 17, for approximately 45 minutes.

“This is a day that the girls will never forget,” Matthew Ladika, the chief executive officer of the organization told the Palm Beach Post. “It was extra special and touching…She asked them what their interests are.”

Trump also gave a speech about empowering women and children around the world.

“Together, we must declare that the era of allowing the brutality against women and children is over, while affirming that the time for empowering around the world is now,” the First Lady said. “For wherever women are diminished, the entire world is diminished with them. However, wherever women are empowered, towns and villages, schools and economies, are empowered, and together we are all made stronger with them.”

While a rational mind would find the story heartwarming, “the resistance” had other opinions.

A website called Footwear News, which focuses, naturally, on shoes and fashion, was quick to call out Trump for her choice in sandals.

“Melania Trump Surprises Kids With Easter Baskets in $1,200 Sparkling Ladylike Sandals,” their headline read.

The website, which has previously dabbled in politics to gush in their 568 posts about Michelle Obama, noted that Trump was wearing block-heeled Rene Caovilla sandals, which boast a hefty price tag.

“The Italian label’s Strass Karung embellished sandals featured crystal-beaded cutout detailing, snakeskin material, an adjustable ankle-wrap strap, and a glittery outsole. The d’Orsay style sandals were an apt choice for the sunny getaway,” the website states, innocuously.

Despite being in the business of appreciating quality footwear, however, the website went on to seemingly disparage the First Lady for doing something kind while maintaining her own personal style.

“No doubt the children will weigh heavily on her mind on Easter as she enjoys a holiday meal and restful time amid the terra-cotta-roofed Mar-a-Lago, which boasts sweeping oceanfront views nearly 11 miles away,” shoe blogger Charlie Carballo added.

Other than a short piece in a blog for the Palm Beach Post, mentions on a few conservative leaning websites, and a hit piece on her shoes — there was a near media blackout on Trump’s sweet visit.

“How does the national media try to control how Americans perceive the Trump presidency? One way is to not report on actions that make the Trumps look good,” Kristinn Taylor wrote for the Gateway Pundit, in her piece noting the media blackout.


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  1. I’m grateful First Lady Trump visited the home and interested in listening to more of her platform. It sounds very similar to past First Ladies. I’m excited to see the important work of empowering girls and women continue and look forward to what Mrs. Trump’s vision of that will be.

    As much as I understand the purpose of this site and this piece, it seems counterproductive to complain about the media not covering Mrs. Trump’s visit and focusing on the BS coverage of a shoe blogger. I think who you believe your audience to be (intelligent, rational, normal ppl who can see through the BS) could appreciate a focus solely on Mrs. Trump’s visit. And since it wasn’t covered your blog could bring attention to it. Is what it is and I get it, but I keep hoping the rest of Pres. Trump nation will get over the win and start being able to cover his Presidency like it deserves.

  2. Ironic that a woman who is in this country because she subjugated herself to the wealth of an abuser (grabbing any pussy lately as the Prez, Donald?), would speak to abused girls about said topic in $1,200 shoes. What a joke. At least, she is now making appearances. It took her awhile.