Liberty Candidate TJ Roberts Crushes Ed Massey After Heated Primary

On May 21, 2024, T.J. Roberts, the Republican candidate for Kentucky State House District 66, decisively defeated his opponent 

Ed Massey by picking up 74.2% of the vote. 

“It is a remarkable thing what can happen when people come together and actually fight to put their districts first,” Roberts declared. He gave his thanks to Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie and his loyal supporters for backing his bid for state house. 

Ed Massey was particularly fazed by some of the campaign material that his rival used. The former state representative informed The Cincinnati Enquirer that when he woke up on election day, he foundopposition signs close to his that read, “Ed Massey donated to Hillary Clinton.”

“I have no idea what impact, if any, that had,” Massey stated.

Massey revealed to The Cincinnati Enquirer that he paid $250 to see Clinton speak at a friend’s house in Fort Mitchell in 2008 after he received an invitation to hear the presidential candidate give a speech.

“I didn’t even meet her, didn’t shake her hand. I just heard her speak and was there. That’s it. I’ve never supported her. I’ve never voted for her. I’ve never campaigned for her,” Massey said to The Cincinnati Enquirer.  

State Representative Savannah Maddox, who represents Kentucky’s 61st district, was ecstatic about Roberts’ and other pro-liberty candidates’ victories in Kentucky. In a post on X, Maddox declared, “Last night’s election results were a wholesale rejection of business as usual in Frankfort, and the notion that a candidate can masquerade as a conservative while concealing liberal views or support from Left-leaning organizations.”

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie also highlighted that all 8 of the candidates he endorsed won their respective races on May 21. He tweeted, “I supported eight Liberty candidates in their State House primaries against crony-backed RINOs.

All eight won last night!








Rep Bill Wesley”

Roberts will now face off against Democrat Peggy Houston-Nienaber in the general election on November 5, 2024 for State House District 66.  You can support his race at

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