Licensed Therapist Brags about Grooming Children Behind Closed Doors, Turning Them Against Their Parents

A licensed child therapist bragged about grooming children and separating them from their parents in a recent TikTok video that is going viral.

“POV; Your homophobic, transphobic parents drop you off for therapy thinking I’m a hetero,” the therapist wrote in his TikTok, imitating how he was assuring a parent that their child was in good, trustworthy hands.

“Me Queer AF here to validate your feelings, support you, talk about oppression, and challenge your parents,” he wrote after assuaging the parents and approaching the child in a lecherous manner in his simulated scenario.

The video, posted by Libs of TikTok, can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on the LGBT grooming operation that is happening across the country as proud predators gain intimate access to children:

A whistleblower has exposed how teachers and administrators in public schools are plotting to set-up “Rainbow Clubs” or Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) groups order to groom children and indoctrinate them into the LGBT agenda.

The whistleblower, a self-described “reformed” social justice warrior named Christina Buttons, infiltrated a webinar in which LGBT educators and advocates plotted the best ways to target children and warp their souls without their parents being able to realize what happened until it is too late.

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