Lies Feminist Tell: Students for Life of America Tour Hits College Campuses

President of Students for Life of America Kristan Hawkins is embarking on a campus tour across America to expose feminists.

According to the press release, the tour is meant to “shake up the prevailing wisdom on college campuses about the so-called benefits of feminism, pro-life leader Kristan Hawkins will be embarking on a multi-school tour to lay bare the lies of feminism, including lies about the Equal Rights Amendment, abortion, and birth control.”

This is the fourth semester collegiate tour that Hawkins has gone on. She strives to expose the lies that the pro-abortion side relays to women. Whether it be lies about abortion or lies about feminism, Hawkins has traveled to more than 25 schools to bring truth to college-aged students.

“For too long, Women and Gender Studies departments and leftist administrators have pushed the agenda of mainstream feminism; unlimited abortion, free birth control, and sex without consequences, insinuating that’s all women want or need. It’s time we expose this failed experiment for what it truly is and discuss how we can take back feminism and the women’s agenda from pro-abortion, radical feminists,” Hawkins said about her new tour.

Some of the tour stops include: Boston College on March 19th, Cal-Berkeley on April 4th, Miami-Oxford on April 25th, University of Wyoming on April 29th, and Western Washington University on May 9th. 


Lies Feminists Tell by Kristan Hawkins

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