Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis Warns of Nuclear Conflict in Ukraine

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel L. Davis claims that supplying tanks to Ukraine will not change the fundamental outcome in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. Davis believes that the United States government has “no plan” or strategy in this conflict and has cautioned about the very real danger of the invocation of NATO’s Article V, “mutual defense” clause. Should a NATO member be attacked, the attack would generally be viewed as an attack on the entire alliance, thus triggering a potential nuclear conflict. 

Davis is a senior fellow at Defense Priorities and served two decades in the US Army in combat theaters such as Iraq and Afghanistan. He did an interview with Breitbart News to explain why the constant deployment of military aid to Ukraine won’t make much of a difference. 

Davis described the US, Germany, and other NATO nations’ recent move to deploy tanks to Ukraine as a “huge information operation game changer.” Davis warned that “information operations and claims don’t translate into reality on the battlefield.”

“From someone who has done combat operations in tank-on-tank fights; in operations patrolling the East-West border during the Cold War and its potential Soviet invasions; and was the second-in-command of an armored cavalry squadron for the First Armored Division in the mid 2000s in Germany; I can tell you that just having NATO tanks does not equal battlefield success,” he noted.

Davis is skeptical of the claim that the tanks will have much of an impact on the battlefield.

“The problem is that what works on video games and on paper — you have to make it work on the ground,” he observed. “And very few people anywhere in the western media or anywhere in the other media, for that matter, understand how combat power is made. 

“And it’s not just the platform, though that is very important, but roughly 90 percent of the success is the people who operate the equipment,” he added. 

Davis called attention to the unique nature of this geopolitical situation and how it’s not comparable to some of the US’s proxy military expeditions in Libya, Syria, and Yemen. These non-nuclear powers are mere geopolitical playthings that can’t mount much resistance to the US. 

“One of the things that’s been from the outset that it just has not come to grips within the West [is that] this is not Syria; this is not Iraq; this is not Libya; this is not Yemen; this is not even Iran,” he stated.

“You just can’t just launch a strike into Russia — especially on their territory — like you could against Syria, or like we did in Libya or all these other places and not worry about what would happen,” Davis continued. “We have to worry about it now.”

Overall, Davis has been one of the soberest voices about the dangers of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. Unlike many military pundits whose minds have been poisoned by decades of neoconservative/neoliberal propaganda, Davis is a rational thinker who understands the dangers of the imperial overreach the US is engaging in. 

If the US wants a more reasonable foreign policy, individuals like Davis must be allowed to hold key foreign policy positions. It’s people like Davis who will temper the excesses of the Globalist American Empire.

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