Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson Claims Grooming Scandal Whistleblowers are “Sick,” Threatens Lawsuits

Neocon operatives of the Lincoln Project are now insinuating they’ll sue critics of the organization, following the revelation that the group’s founder, John Weaver, has groomed and sexually harassed more than 20 young adults and boys.

Rick Wilson, another co-founder of the group, claimed that individuals accusing the Lincoln Project of knowing about John Weaver’s activities are “sick” during a Wednesday broadcast. He even went so far as to state that they were putting themselves in “jeopardy,” suggesting the Lincoln Project would attempt to silence them.

Unfortunately for Wilson, there’s ample evidence to suggest that other members of the Lincoln Project were aware of Weaver’s pervasive sexual harassment. At least two victims of Weaver have stepped forward and accused members of the neocon group directly of knowing about what he was doing.

Populist commentator Ryan Girdusky, who first exposed the sexual harassment scandal that implicated Weaver as a pedophile, has also suggested that other members of the establishment group were aware of the predator in their midst.

Members of the Lincoln Project have sought to brush off Weaver’s connection to the group entirely, despite being one of its original founders.

Ultimately, it may prove that Wilson will have to answer to accusations that the Lincoln Project knew of Weaver’s predatory behavior if he’s serious about his thinly-veiled threats. The has-been losers of the Democrat front group should think twice about labeling those who oppose their founders crimes “sick,” when it’s quite clear that such a label is appropriate for Weaver himself. It may prove that his weak threats are little more than a diversion tactic.

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