Lindsey Graham Claims He’s Undermining Syria Withdrawal

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham claimed that he was working to convince President Trump to back off of his plan to withdraw U.S military forces from Syria when speaking to the press outside of the White House today.

Graham is known for instinctual and consistent support for American military intervention in the Middle East and across the world, having been a firm supporter of disastrous American engagements in Iraq and Libya.

President Trump met with Graham today and seemed to have assuaged his concerns about an exit of military personnel from Syria. Graham claimed that what the President had told him “made him feel a lot better” about U.S involvement in the endless civil war, which Graham has reliably and predictably supported continuing in an even greater fashion.

The South Carolina Senator had expressed his displeasure when President Trump announced that he was bringing home American troops from Syria. An existential divide seems to exist between the proponents of Graham’s ‘invade the world, invite the world’ national security strategy and President Donald Trump’s core of American nationalist supporters, who support bringing American forces home from drawn-out and dangerous conflicts without a direct national security interest of the United States.

Hearing that Graham’s ultra-hawkish policy preferences traditionally associated with the Republican establishment are being catered doesn’t come as a good sign for non-interventionists and America First proponents.

Graham even went on to claim that Trump was “slowing down” Syria withdrawal, making it easier for career bureaucrats and globalists within government agencies to sabotage the widely popular initiative to bring American forces back home.

However, after the meeting, Graham spoke of the need for congressional Republicans to hold firm in a government funding bill to deliver on funding for a border wall.

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