Lindsey Graham Defends Mitch McConnell as ‘Indispensable’, Vows to get Trump Back Under McConnell’s Control

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is desperately attempting to perform damage control for the Republican Party establishment after weeks of former Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) echoing Democrat talking points to malign former president Donald Trump and his supporters.

Graham, who unfortunately has the ear of Trump, makes it clear that he is still more than happy to get down on his knees and serve McConnell, whose influence on the GOP he calls “indispensable.”

“I remind everybody, Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment was ‘Don’t speak ill of fellow Republicans,'” Graham said while appearing on Fox News’ Hannity on Tuesday night.

Graham made clear his opinion that he believes McConnell was responsible for Trump’s success as president.

“I want you to know this: Mitch McConnell was indispensable to Donald Trump’s success. Mitch McConnell got the tax cut through with a two-vote Republican majority. Mitch McConnell was much to credit for Amy Coney Barrett as any single person. Mitch McConnell working with Donald Trump did a hell of a job. They are now at each other’s throat,” he said.

“I am more worried about 2022 than I’ve ever been. I don’t want to eat our own. President Trump is the most consequential Republican in the party. If Mitch McConnell doesn’t understand that, he’s missing a lot,” Graham added.

Big League Politics has reported for years on Graham being a snake who was undermining the MAGA agenda in the Senate feigning to be a Trump ally:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is leading a coalition of RINOs in the Senate urging President Donald Trump to keep visas for foreign workers to take U.S. jobs.

Graham is joined by fellow RINO Sens. John Cornyn of Texas, Mike Crapo of Idaho, James Risch of Idaho, Mike Rounds of South Dakota, Todd Young of Indiana, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Dan Sullivan of Alaska, and James Lankford of Oklahoma in signing onto the letter that has the audacity to claim that these foreigners taking jobs from U.S.-born workers will help the economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

“The coronavirus pandemic has brought devastating loss of life and livelihood across our country. As we begin to reopen, we know you have many difficult decisions to make to ensure the road to recovery balances economic wellbeing with the safety of every American,” the letter states.

“In part, that balance requires consideration of vulnerable American businesses across all industry sectors, including farming, forestry, packing, hospitality, healthcare, and communications and information technology, all which rely on non-immigrant guest workers to survive,” they added – showing that they care more about protecting corporate profits than protecting American workers.

The letter urges for Trump to specifically protect the H-2A and H-2B programs to keep so-called temporary workers in the country to steal jobs from American workers who desperately need them.

President Trump would be wise to cut Graham loose along with McConnell and the rest of the GOP swamp. His MAGA agenda will only thrive if he goes nuclear on the entire Republican establishment from this point forward.

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