Lisa Page Testimony Reveals The Strzok Plot To Trap Trump’s Political Amateur Son-In-Law Jared Kushner

The Lisa Page testimony to Freedom Caucus investigators — who got her to sing like a canary — provides new details about the well-documented “Crossfire Hurricane” plot to trap Jared Kushner, President Trump’s inexperienced son-in-law who inexplicably runs point on policy in the Trump White House.

As the plot falls apart, it’s important for President Trump to know that Jared Kushner was the target of all this nonsense, which prolonged the plot against all of Trump’s people. That plot actually threatens to put a real American patriot — Trump’s longest adviser Roger Stone — in prison for invented process crimes.

A well-entrenched insider in the nation’s capital sends a dispatch to Big League Politics: “The Rosenstein scope memo from August 2, 2017 is now clear due to the Lisa Page Congressional Testimony.  The scope memo references Manafort and to this date a second individual that is redacted.  There has been speculation that it was someone close to Trump and even that it was Jared Kushner.  The Page congressional testimony released today and her text to Strzok on May 9th 2017 makes it clear that they didn’t have anything of great value but needed to lock Kushner into a statement that could be nitpicked against to create a crime that would help get Trump through his son-in-law.  How the public could ever trust the FBI/DOJ if no one ever goes to jail for the only coup attempt in U.S. History?”

Here are the texts clearly referring to Kushner.

May 9th 2017:

Strzok “We need to open the case we’ve been waiting on now while Andy is acting.”

Page “We need to lock in *******.  In a formal chargeable way. Soon.”

“Soon after the May 9th text, someone from the FBI leaks to the Washington Post that Kushner is a person of interest in the Russia investigation,” our source said.


Thanks, Jared.

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