LIVE 4-D Ultrasound Comes to Times Square

To celebrate just how miraculous life inside the womb is, a Christian organization plans to broadcast a live 4-D ultrasound on jumbo screens in the heart of New York City.

Coming May 4, 2019, Focus on the Family will be hosting a large event to explain the value of pre-born children. The event will include multiple pro-life speakers, music, but most importantly, an ultrasound of a baby in the womb. The event meant to reassign value to the pre-born comes after the disgusting New York abortion law and Governor Northam’s endorsement of infanticide using the most advanced technology on the market.

In an interview with CBN News, President of Focus on the Family Jim Daly said, “And with the 4-D technology that we have, it looks like a picture of a 1-year-old. There is no way a person is going to be able to say, ‘That is not a child.’ It is a child and we want everybody to see it.”

Extremely outraged at the latest radical abortion bill proposals coming out of Virginia and other New England states allowing for infanticide to become legal, Daly said, “Once a baby is born, if it’s not viable outside the womb or if it’s severely handicapped, they’re going to let the baby sit on a table and then the mother and physician decide whether or not to let that baby live – that’s not the country we live in.  And that’s not the law of the land, actually.”

Boldly heading to the heart of the problem and taking a stance that life inside the womb is not disposable, Daly stated, “We’re not shy about going there and saying to Governor Cuomo and others, ‘Let’s look. This isn’t adversarial. Let’s just take a position. Let’s see what an ultrasound looks like.'”

Proudly taking a stance for life, Focus on the Family hopes this giant visual aids those in making pregnancy decisions, along with those lawmakers who might not have ever seen a full term baby in the womb.

“…it was the Christians that stood up and said ‘No. Everyone human is made in God’s image and we can’t destroy innocent human beings.'”

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