Local, Federal Police Find No Evidence of Althea Bernstein’s Alleged Wisconsin Hate Crime

Althea Bernstein Credit: Bernstein Family

Federal and local police investigating an alleged hate crime in Madison, Wisconsin have closed their investigation, admitting they have found no evidence that the supposed victim was attacked at all.

18-year old Althea Bernstein claimed that she was attacked by four “classic Wisconsin frat boys” while driving near the state capital at 1AM in late June. Bernstein claimed that the assailants- who supposedly called her a racial slur-doused her in lighter fluid before setting her on fire while sitting inside her car, and that she patted out the flames after driving away from her attackers.

Madison Police confirmed that “after an exhaustive probe, detectives were unable to corroborate or locate evidence consistent with what was reported” in a Friday morning statement. However, they’re declining to recommend that Bernstein be charged with filing a false police report.

A Wisconsin federal prosecutor investigating the incident went even further, stating thatafter reviewing all available evidence, authorities could not establish that the attack, as alleged by the complainant, had occurred. Accordingly, the federal investigation into this incident has been closed based on the lack of evidence.”

The area in which Bernstein claimed to have been attacked was only blocks away from Wisconsin’s state capital, and is almost certainly covered by an abundance of CCTV cameras that could’ve documented the questionable incident. The total absence of surveillance camera evidence to document the alleged racist attack almost certainly ensures it’s little more than a dishonest hoax.

Bernstein was interviewed by Good Morning America days after making the allegation, and British royal Meghan Markle contacted her in support after the supposed attack.

This one was extremely fishy from day one, and it’s more than reasonable to cast this outlandish tale into the filled bucket of discredited and self-serving hate hoaxes.

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