LOCUST SALAD: Globalist World Economic Forum Can’t Stop Pushing Insect-Based Diet

The globalist World Economic Forum released a new video calling for the wide adoption of an insect-based diet in the western world on Thursday, not even waiting a full day after the inauguration of Joe Biden to propagandize on behalf of an elitist agenda.

The video promotes what the WEF is calling a “grilled locust salad,” along with other bug and mealworm-based dishes. The Davos-based globalist organization points to food safety inspections approving insect foods in Europe, claiming that eating the bugs represents the future of the western diet.

“Insects are forecast to make up more of our protein consumption in the future,” claims the WEF video. Organizations sch as WEF have promoted an insect diet for around a decade, and the global public across the world has rejected its adoption. The WEF also falsely claims that 2 billion people throughout the world eat an insect-based diet, dramatically inflating the figure for worldwide consumers of the unorthodox, dangerous and repulsive diet.

Who is ‘we?’ The elites of Davos will all but certainly continue to eat meat, if their hypocritical, wasteful use of private aircraft while whining about environmental issues is any indicator of their own willingness to go along with a globalist agenda.

Oligarch Bill Gates recently became the single greatest owner of farmland in the United States, a development with considerable implications on the American cattle and ranching industry. Gates could block any and all use of lands he controls for grazing and ranching purposes, single-handedly raising the price of meat, possibly out of affordability for the average person. With the elite-favored bug-based diet failing to catch on voluntarily, oligarchs like Gates could ultimately seek to impose it through a “private, free market” approach.

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