Log Cabin Republicans Release Statement in Favor of Florida’s Proposed Ban of LGBT Indoctrination in the Classroom

The Log Cabin Republicans, a group of homosexual GOP supporters, are coming out in favor of Florida’s law banning LGBT indoctrination in the classroom.

“This is a victory for parents rights in their kids’ education and a loss for the media and the Left, from Biden on down, who spent weeks lying and spreading misinformation about this bill. There is nothing ‘anti-gay’ about prohibiting Leftist teachers from indoctrinating children as young as five with sexual and gender identity theories in the classroom,” Log Cabin Republicans President Charles Moran said in a statement

“Democrats know they are on track to lose power in November and were desperate to change the subject to a culture war built on a lie. Log Cabin is proud to have supported this bill and worked with our partners in the state legislature to get it over the finish line, and we will continue to support common sense efforts to remove Woke ideology from the classroom and strengthen parents rights in education,” he added.

The Florida state senate recently approved a bill that Democrats have dubbed the “don’t say gay” bill. Far-left Democrats have framed the legislative fight as one of Republicans promoting bigotry when the bill is in actuality about protecting vulnerable children from being groomed by predatory LGBT perverts in the classroom.

“This is going to endanger the safety of our LGBTQ students and adolescents,” Democrat Sen. Annette Taddeo on Tuesday. “We will not stop until this state moves forward and actually values everyone in it, everyone no matter their sexual orientation.”

Big League Politics has reported on LGBT perverts preying upon children in the classroom under the guise of tolerance:

Virginia Democrats are not just at war with the Bill of Rights; they are at war with traditional Christian values as well. They moved legislation through the state senate earlier this week that advances the LGBT agenda.

One bill will allow transgender people to be issued new birth certificates that are not based on the sex of their birth. Even if they have not surgically altered their sex, they will still be able to get the new birth certificate.

“I just think it’s important to try to make life easier for people without being discriminated (against) or bullied,” said Sen. Jennifer Boysko, a Democrat from Fairfax, who introduced the legislation.

“Allowing an individual who is transgender to change their birth certificate without having to go through the full surgery allows them to live the life that they are due to have,” she added.

“This bill is really important for the transgender community. Right now many transgendered people do not have identity documents… this is really problematic when people apply for jobs or try to open a bank account,” said Vee Lamneck of Equality Virginia.

Another bill involves mandating public schools in Virginia to have policies regarding transgender education. Left-wing bureaucrats at the state department of education will now be tasked with developing policies related to transgender individuals at schools. This could involve education that indoctrinates young children into this dangerous lifestyle that often leads to suicide and disease.

Other bills include a ban on conversion therapy for anyone under the age of 18, which will likely make it impossible for children with gender dysphoria to receive any treatment other than drugging and mutilation. Another bill contains language formally repealing gay marriage, which was already invalidated by the Supreme Court.

“I think it’s symbolic for our community and I think it’s one more way that the Commonwealth of Virginia says, ‘We support you,’” said Eric Hause, the publisher of OutLife 757 magazine.

“We were going to be together forever anyway,” Hause said of his gay lover. “We had already made that commitment to each other. Just being able to codify that and get married made all the difference to us in terms of how we protect each other.”

Christian parents are worried that these bills, which will likely be approved by the Assembly and be signed into law by Governor Coonman, will lead to the criminalization of teaching the Bible to their children.

The Log Cabin Republicans, which are heavily supported by President Trump, deserve plaudits for opposing the demonic excesses of the LGBT agenda.

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