LOL: Jon Stewart Once Said It Was a ‘Senate Rite of Passage’ for Joe Biden to Feel Up ‘Your Immediate Family’

The fake news media is doing everything they can to prop up the fledgling presidential ambitions of former Vice President Joe Biden, who is being accused of sexual assault while experiencing cognitive deterioration at an alarming rate on the campaign trail.

Fake news hack Jake Tapper of CNN is accusing the Trump campaign of running unfounded smears and conspiracy theories against Biden. Trump surrogates have pointed out Biden’s history of touching women inappropriately in public, sniffing their hair, and doing other bizarre behavior. Biden has even done this toward children, which makes his lecherous nature even more revolting.

Tapper made a Twitter post assuring people that they would continue to spread fear and hysteria about the coronavirus pandemic instead of doing investigative work about the Democrat presidential nominee:

However, before Trump obtained the presidency, liberals used to regularly roast Biden for his creepy behavior. A clip from Jon Stewart when he was hosting Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” in 2015 is a great example of how Biden’s groping has been a source of ridicule long before Trump supporters began pointing out the obvious.

“You only have one f**cking job!” Stewart lamented to begin the clip. “As vice president, our mission is simple: You show up, you shake a couple of hands, you flash the pearlies, you get home in time for the Mindy Project. That’s it!”

Stewart then broke out into laughter as a “The Audacity of Grope” graphic flashed onto the screen accompanying a photo of Biden infamously smelling a woman’s hair and rubbing her shoulders. The liberal crowd erupted into applause because of the joke.

“We have already seen that remorse about lady-touchin’ is the one thing Joe Biden will not feel,” Stewart said to introduce a montage of Biden groping women, which garnered groans from the audience. Stewart responded by mockingly pouring Purell into his eyes.

“It’s apparently a Senate rite of passage that you’re not officially sworn in until Delaware Joe has felt up one female member of your immediate family,” Stewart said to conclude his rant about Biden’s lascivious actions.

The entire clip can be seen here:


Liberals are so desperate to defeat President Trump that they will sweep all of this under the rug and act like it never happened. Do not expect Stewart and other left-wing satirists to focus on Biden’s history of grabby public behavior toward women heading into this year’s presidential election.

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