LOL: Progressives Seen Protesting Minnesota Trump Rally Through Bizarre Creative Dance

President Trump held a jam-packed ‘Make America Great Again’ campaign rally at the Target Center in Minneapolis on Thursday, and some members of the community chose to protest his presence in the city through a less than conventional political demonstration.

Anti-Trump protestors were seen performing in synchronized creative dance outside the venue of the Trump rally.

Watch here:

KARE reporter Ben Garvin captured the film of the dancing protestors. In a tweet, he indicated that the dancers were members of a movement called ‘Don’t You Feel It Too,’ that promotes utilizing creative dance in public as a form of ‘liberation’ and ‘activism.

While’s its unclear what the (ostensible) leftists thought they were accomplishing, their method of protest is far more lawful, quiet and orderly than the riots associated with criminal leftist groups such as ANTIFA. In fact, it might be for the better if leftists nationwide decide to announce their resistance to the Trump administration by performing creative dance outside of the President’s rallies.

The President slammed the Biden family’s corruption in his Minneapolis rally, exposing Hunter’s corrupt enterprise with an oligarch-owned Ukrainian gas company- an investigation of which has led to the ongoing Ukraine impeachment hoax perpetrated by Democrats.

While Minnesota is traditionally a Democratic state, it appears to be trending red and will be targeted heavily by the Trump reelection campaign. Many of the state’s moderate residents have been turned off by the radical anti-Americanism of freshman Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. It’s possible the state could be the next to flip, providing a firewall of 10 electoral votes.

At that point, it’s likely the state’s creative dance team will consider going back to the drawing board.

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