Los Angeles County Sheriff Won’t Enforce “Poorly Thought Through, Poorly Executed” Vaccine Mandate

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva is declining to enforce the county’s wide-ranging vaccine mandate, accusing the county’s Democrat leaders of a political stunt in trying to force every Los Angele County employee to receive a jab.

This is so politicized, I cannot in good conscience impose a mandate like that,” he also told Fox News over the weekend. “I’m not going to be part of that.”

Villanueva pointed to the county’s vaccine mandate as “poorly executed” and “poorly thought through” when speaking with Laura Ingraham. The Democrat Sheriff has become increasingly critical of Los Angeles’ far-left county government, citing failure to provide essential public services on crime and California’s many ailments.

Villanueva has accused Los Angeles County’s board of supervisors of slamming a hiring freeze onto his department as retaliation for his criticism of the county government. He’s warned that his agency is short almost 1,000 employees, with Los Angeles continuing to browbeat the sheriff over investigations which exonerated cops of wrongdoing.

Villanueva had earlier refused to enforce a county mask mandate over the summer, flatly rejecting the ridiculous notion that deputy sheriffs were going to compel unmasked residents of Los Angeles to put on face diapers.

Sheriff Villanueva has emphasized that he’s vaccinated, and encourages members of the community to take the shot as well- just that he’s not willing to force it on his employees.

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