Los Angeles Enacts Full Coronavirus Lockdown for Three Weeks

Los Angeles County officials have issued a three-week stay-at-home order on the county’s ten million residents, returning life to the first months of Chinese coronavirus lockdown for Los Angelenos.

The lockdown, which will last from November 30th to December 20th, will urge residents of the county to stay in their homes. Church services and protests are permitted. Businesses and organizations are being required to enact strict occupancy limits, with businesses deemed essential by the county allowed to accommodate more patrons than others.

Restaurants in Los Angeles were ordered to suspend outdoor dining just two days ago, with county officials determining that such behavior was spreading the virus. The restaurant and business community have warned that repeating lengthy shutdowns could permanently cripple the city’s dining industry.

The lockdown comes as Los Angeles has incurred 4,751 new diagnosed cases of Chinese coronavirus within the past five days. Los Angeles public health officials had earlier created guidelines which would recommend the county take public health action if more than 4,500 new cases occurred over such a time frame. Hospitalizations and deaths have also surged, but the disease has generally proven to be less lethal on a per-capita case basis than it was at the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic in America.

With the recent surge of COVID-19 across our community, we must take additional safety measures to reduce the risk of illness and death from this terrible virus and protect our healthcare system,” said L.A. County Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer.

Democrat-aligned states and urban communities have generally, but consistently incurred the worst outbreaks of the coronavirus pandemic in America. Unfortunately, it may ultimately prove that repeating lockdown measures instituted by local officials isn’t sufficient to deter its spread.


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