LOUIE LOUIE: Gohmert Says The FBI ‘Is Like The End of Animal House’

House Judiciary Committee member and former prosecutor Rep. Louie Gohmert slammed new FBI director Christopher Wray for being noncommittal about fixing the deeply-rooted corruption in his bureau.

Revelations continue to mount that the FBI — which re-imbursed some costs for the Christopher Steele dossier in order to help obtain a FISA warrant to surveil Trump Tower under false pretenses — interfered in the presidential election in a bid to stop now-President Trump.

“This is more like the end of the movie Animal House, where Wray is out there, the guy that is yelling ‘All is well,’ ‘All is well,’ as he’s being trampled by people running crazy and rioting,” Gohmert said Wednesday in a Fox Business interview.

“He [FBI Director] has got to decide: is he going to be part of the problem – that has got to be cleaned up— or is he going to continue to defend the problem as it was the problem? Or is he going to actually get in and help us fix things?,” Gohmert said.

“It doesn’t help to continually come out and talk about all the rank-and-file greatness of the FBI.”

“The problem was here in Washington,” Gohmert said.

Gohmert also dressed down Susan Rices’ comment that she did everything “by the book.” Rice famously unmasked Trump Team officials as part of the Deep State’s anti-Trump conspiracy.

“It’s what somebody who has not been doing things by the book says as they’re leaving office,” Gohmert said.

As Big League Politics reported, former FBI assistant director Jim Kallstrom said that fired FBI director James Comey and his fellow anti-President Trump conspirators are now vulnerable to numerous federal felony charges related to their use of a debunked dossier to obtain a FISA warrant on Trump.

“The facts speak for themselves. The applications speak for themselves. The fact that the court order was attained…I think there’s an awful lot more to come. I think this is just the opening round,” former FBI assistant director Jim Kallstrom said on Fox Business.

“I mean, it doesn’t even get into the unmaskings, Uranium One, just all of the other things. But this in itself is major federal felonies there. I mean, they lied to a federal judge, they perjured themselves. They presented false information knowingly to the court. These are all major federal felonies,” Kallstrom said.

“All the people that signed that, all the way up the line, are probably going to be, I would hope, the grand jury is going to look at that. That’s serious serious things they’ve done. It puts the whole system at great risk. IT’s just outrageous it really is, and the fact that the FBI has been blackened by what a few of these sycophants have done, these weaklings who couldn’t stand up to the political pressure of the Obama administration.”

“I think he’s exposed to numerous federal charges. Violation of the Federal Records Act. Perjury…Maybe even obstruction of justice,” Kallstrom said.

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