Mad Maxine to Kanye: ‘Stay in Our Lane’ or ‘Cause us Problems’

In an interview with FAB TV at the Merge Summit late last week, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) had some choice words for a free-thinking Kanye West.

“Well, you know I think that we have to understand as best we can, what roles we play,” Waters told a reporter.

The reporter had asked Waters about a “movement” of “young people thinking for themselves,” to which she responded negatively.

“And we have to understand what’s our lane,” she said. “And you know, are we really best when we kind of stay in that lane? Or when we venture out of that lane and we don’t understand what we are going into – whether or not that’s going to cause us problems. And so I know about Kanye and the fact that he met with the president today. Kanye told us he’s got problems and I believe it.”

In other words, Waters would prefer that young people do not think for themselves. Democrats are in a clear panic, understanding that if they lose the collective monolith that they have built around race, gender, sexual orientation and other perceived “victim” groups, that they will also lose elections.

According to its website, the Merge Summit is “a tangible movement for millennials artists and content creators to get their questions answered in an intimate setting with leading Hollywood executives and industry power players.”

WATCH the interview here:

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