Mad Maxine Waters Says “Republicans Are Worse Than Evil”

In her latest comments, Representative Maxine Waters of California told MSNBC “Republicans are worse than evil.”

According to Breitbart News, Crazy Maxine Waters of California is at it again. This time she told MSNBC’s Sunday “The Sunday Show” that “the American people are going to be able to distinguish between us and them. In the final analysis, we’re going to win. We’re going to beat them. We don’t take anything for granted. We know that they’re evil. We know that they lie. We know that they don’t give a darn about facts and so we’ve got to overcome that with the truth.”

When challenged by the MSNBC host as to whether evil is too strong a word, she doubled down. “Worse than that. Worse than that. Evil. When you see the kind of attacks that you have talked about already, that’s constantly being made by them, that’s evil. I want you to know, I’m under attack also. They tried to censure me and we beat them back with the majority that we have. Even Marjorie Taylor Greene, I believe, has something up to expel me from the Congress of the United States. Can you imagine people with this kind of attitude and these kinds of actions and this kind of racism that they display all the time talking about expelling me or anybody else from Congress when, in fact, they shouldn’t even be there?”

The left can’t complete a sentence without calling someone a racist.

Yet again, a prominent left wing figure is lying about conservatives and Republicans. Maxine Waters has a history of ginning up hate against her political opponents, including telling her supporters to confront Trump administration officials. Despite this, the mainstream media and RINOs in the Republican Party continue to spend more time bashing Republicans for jokes or harmless comments, while the left continues to spew hate.

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