MAD SCIENCE: Researchers Use Genetically-Modified Mosquitos to Deliver New Malaria Vaccines

Scientists are using genetically-altered mosquitos to inject people with a new Malaria vaccine, in the latest example of mad science that could be horribly abused in the wrong hands.

Dr. Sean Murphy, a physician with the University of Washington, led the study in which people were bitten by these GMO mosquitos.

“We use the mosquitoes like they’re 1,000 small flying syringes,” he said, discussing the findings documented in the journal of Science Translational Medicine.

One of the human guinea pigs said that she put her arm into something resembling a Chinese food container where she was feasted on by at least 200 mosquitos in order to receive the vaxx.

“My whole forearm swelled and blistered,” the test subject said. “My family was laughing, asking like, ‘why are you subjecting yourself to this?’”

Murphy claims that genetically-modified mosquitos will not actually be used to vaccinate people in real life. They just used mosquitos in the trials because it was more costly and time-intensive to use needles. A likely story.

“They went old school with this one,” said Dr. Kirsten Lyke, a University of Maryland School of Medicine vaccine researcher who is referring to how this clinical trial is reminiscent of medical atrocities such as the Tuskegee experiment.

“All things old become new again,” said Lyker, who admits that using mosquitos as a delivery system for vaccine is “a total game changer” that will be used widely in the years to come.

Big League Politics has reported on how the vaccine regime is going to result in human atrocities, funded by the likes of technocratic satanist Bill Gates, the likes of which normal people cannot even wrap their minds around:

A recent poll has indicated that 25 percent of all Americans and 44 percent of Republicans understand Bill Gates’ digital tattoo vaccine push.

The poll was conducted by YouGov and Yahoo News and surveyed 1,640 Americans from May 20-21. Overall, 28 percent of respondents understood Gates’ agenda while 32 percent of individuals were unsure about the validity of the claim.

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