MAGA Rapper Kanye West Terminates Contract with Gap Over Chinese Labor, Wants to Bring Jobs Back to America

Pro-MAGA rapper Kanye West has terminated his contract with the Gap over their use of Chinese labor, indicating that he wants to bring jobs back to America.

West has an America First outlook in business that few moguls have in this day and age. He wants to employ people in California and is buying factories to make it happen.

“They have a lot of commitments to China. We wanted to do localized manufacturing which is completely possible with some of the factories I’m buying here in California. We can actually bring industry back to America,” he said.

West’s words can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on West’s brave stance in favor of MAGA as he rejects the disgusting and depraved status quo of the entertainment industry:

Rapper Kanye West, in a fiery sermon delivered at a Sunday service over the weekend, argued against the “mental slavery” that is regularly perpetrated against black people who think for themselves.

West, who became a born-again Christian and pastor after rejecting the entertainment industry, also referenced the historical fact that it was the Republican Party under former President Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves…

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