Mainstream Media Sad That They Don’t Get To Harass Sarah Sanders As Much

The Guardian ran a piece bemoaning the “demise” of the daily White House press conference, which is just a regular excuse for mainstream media “reporters” to spout their anti-President Trump talking points at Sarah Sanders. The White House has wisely cut down on these horrific events.

Sanders, who required Secret Service detail, is like a dignified schoolteacher, keeping her cool in those ridiculous sessions which the White House has no legal obligation to conduct. The press attacks on Sarah Sanders are beyond contemptible to the average viewer. The disrespect they show to that woman is gross, sexist, and demeaning.

Jim Acosta, who laid his hands on a female White House intern while making a scene at a recent press conference with the President of the United States, is not a real journalist and there is no reason for the White House to give him a platform for his sinister, stupid skullduggery.

John Gizzi is the only worthwhile reporter in that room. The others are just mindless cogs in the anti-Trump globalist system, Non-Playable Characters (NPC’s) who take orders from malevolent political interests. Nothing comes out of these press conferences. The American people don’t learn anything from them.

It’s too bad that Sanders — who is an amazing intellect and a wonderful face for this administration — does not get as much screen time now, but it’s not her fault. Why doesn’t the White House just have independent news outlets in there? Why does it always have to be the same combat-minded Fake News shills?

I made it very clear that Big League Politics does not stand, and never will stand, with Jim Acosta as he pretends to be a real journalist — unlike Fox News, which agitated for Acosta to get his press pass back, because Fox News is out of control with their awfulness and if it wasn’t for Tucker Carlson then there would be almost no value to that vindictive conservative-media monopoly.

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