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Majority of Anti-Defamation League Funding Goes to Employees



The Anti-Defamation League is under scrutiny after publishing a “target list” of people they deem to be “alt-right” or “alt-light,” and now one of those named on the list is demanding answers about the organization’s funding.

The organization reports that they take in approximately $52 million in funding annually — while paying out over $32 million to their employees, which is over 60%.

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According to the ADL’s page on the Charity Navigator, they claim to spend on 12.0% on administrative assets, 15.9% on fundraising expenses, and 71.9% on program expenses. The website gave the organization one star out of four on their financial spending.

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Jonathan Greenblatt reported $168,665 “compensation from affiliates” as the Chief Executive Officer in 2015, while the former National Director Abraham H. Foxman received $446,748.

Greenblatt served as the Special Assistant to President Barack Obama as well as his Director of the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation in the United States Domestic Policy Council. He is now the National Director and CEO of the ADL.

In December, the New York Post reported that “Jonathan Greenblatt is Destroying the ANTI-Defamation League.” Their reason for this was that he had visited Israel and told leaders that anti-Semitism in the US is now comparable to that in Germany during the Holocaust, and blamed President Donald Trump and his supporters for the rise he claimed existed.

“Anti-Semitism has wound its way into mainstream conversations in a manner that many Jews who lived through Nazi Germany find terrifying,” Greenblatt had stated.

Prior to Greenblatt taking over, the organization held a firm non-partisan stance, as their mission statement to “fight anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry” finds support from both parties.

“Greenblatt came to the job directly from serving as a special assistant to President Obama. Before that, he directed an initiative at the Aspen Institute, a George Soros-financed, left-leaning nonprofit. And his bias is showing now in his opposition to anything associated with right-wing politics and in the ADL’s championing of leftist positions, even when they run against the interests of the Jewish community,” the Post reported.

Under his leadership, the organization has become arguably obsessed with internet trolls and the “alt-right” while largely ignoring anti-Semitism from the left — such as the incident where a Jewish flag was banned from a Chicago Pride march. They also openly support Black Lives Matter, despite the group’s open disdain for Israel and support of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

As we previously reported, last week the ADL ironically published a list defaming and lumping together 36 people, all with unique views and opinions, as being “alt-right” or “alt-light” in an attempt to squash right-wing voices.

The report, titled “From Alt Right to Alt Lite: Naming the Hate,” is listed under the organization’s tab for “Anti-Semitism in the US,” but includes several people who are themselves Jewish — including Gateway Pundit’s White House Correspondent Lucian Wintrich.

“The ADL, led by a childish Barack Obama staffer, is acting like a group that makes lists of undesirables and targets them for hate. Their lies and smear about me, and their threats against my family will not make us stop exposing the evils of the Left and fighting to take back our country,” author Jack Posobiec, who is named on the alt-lite list, told Big League Politics.

Big League Politics has reached out to ADL for comment for this report and will update upon receiving a reply.

Violent Left

New Academic Paper Details How Big Tech Enables Left-Wing Terror to Take Root

Big Tech is enabling ANTIFA terror.



Antifa Threatens Free Speech Rally Acid

A new academic paper details exactly how Big Tech enables left-wing terror to take root on their monopolistic social media platforms.

The academic white paper, titled “Network-Enabled Anarchy: How Militant Anarcho-Socialist Networks Use Social Media to Instigate Widespread Violence Against Political Opponents and Law Enforcement,” is presented by the Miller Center for Community Protection and Resilience and powered by the Network Contagion Research Institute.

“Along with political but non-violent BLM-related slogans and calls to defund police, hateful codewords and memes, such as F*ck12 (f*ck or the cops) or FTP (f*ck or fight the police), appeared as associated hashtags with the ACAB meme on Twitter as confrontations with police escalated,” the researchers wrote in their report.

The researchers found a correlation between hate speech posted by far-left groups on social media and an increase in real-world violence.

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“We found an escalation of the use of several kinds of anti-police memes and codewords over the course of the protests,” they noted.

“While these data are only preliminary, they nevertheless suggest that traditionally anarchist, antipolice memes, slogans and codewords fluctuated in sync with the recent political protests and unrest,” the researchers added.

They noted that law enforcement is having difficulty tracking these terrorists who are being enabled by Big Tech platforms.

“One important feature of the network-enabled mob is its capacity to frustrate the ability of law enforcement to detect directed ideological attacks. A core group of actors are able to mobilize lawlessness and violence. If it becomes widespread, the network-enabled mob enables a structure capable of adaptation and evolution especially if it reappears over consecutive days of unrest,” the researchers wrote.

The researchers presented detailed research indicating that ANTIFA uses Big Tech platforms to foment terrorism.

“Quarantine, economic hardship, social unrest, and ideological attacks against law enforcement provide extremists from white nationalist to anti-fascist with fodder for recruitment. Without tools for law enforcement to detect the planning and coordination of these cyber swarming events, police will be operating blind,” they concluded.

Big League Politics has reported on how monolithic social media networks have deliberately allowed left-wing terrorists to organize on their platforms:

Tech giant Facebook provided the platform that allowed ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter terrorists to foment a riot in Provo, Utah that resulted in gunfire striking one unfortunate motorist who encountered the mob.

Far Left Watch made the discovery that Facebook allowed the terrorists to collaborate and promote violence on their platform…

The organizers of the event, the Salt Lake City Antifascist Coalition, used a Malcolm X quote that explicitly endorses gun violence: “Sometimes you have to pick the gun up to put the Gun down.” It seems one of their activists took that message to heart when he picked up a gun and fired it at an unsuspecting motorist, wounding him. The Facebook event page has been archived here.

The ANTIFA organizers urged participants to “come stand with us” and refuse to accept blatant acts of “discrimination, racism, and unethical acts toward people of color.” They also advised demonstrators to “please wear all black,” “wear your masks,” “bring water,” and “wear protective eye gear if you got it.” They scheduled the event to challenge peaceful pro-police protesters with violent and combative street action…

By refusing to ban ANTIFA and BLM thugs from their platform, Facebook is condoning and sharing in the responsibility for the explosion of left-wing terrorism that is overtaking America.

Big Tech collaborators with ANTIFA domestic terrorists need to be prosecuted as such, and these social media entities need to lose their Section 230 privileges that give them a government-sanctioned monopoly over the marketplace.

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